Meet Wolfpire: AKA Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson Cosmo Combo

The current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine has a section on Superhereos We Wish Were Real. So they combined Team Edward and Team Jacob.

It kind of reminded me of a tee shirt I saw a fan wearing at the Official Twilight Convention this weekend. The Tee shirt said, “I’m Team Edward unless Jacob is shirtless!”

Via Bellas Diary


  1. I like it that Wolfpire is in the town of “Spoons.” Spooning sounds good. Vampire Sucks was hilarious with the town of Sporks, though.

  2. I saw a girl at the Eclipse midnight showing that said, “I’ll take both. Jake for the bark and Edward for the bite.”

  3. TwilightRocks!!!! says:

    Thats a really cool picture. They did a great job!

  4. One question, how does his shirt stay on?


  1. […] ob sie in den Twilight-Filmen nun Team Edward oder Team Jacob sind, mit diesem Bild, gefunden beim Twilight-Lexicon, ist Schluss mit der Diskussion. Das Cosmopolitan Magazine hat in der Serie ‘Superhelden, von […]

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