Kellan Lutz Returns to Louisiana Hospital

About a month ago, Kellan Lutz and several Twilight castmates visited the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rogue. Kellan went back yesterday to play with the kids and to sign autographs. Kellan tweeted a photo of the event and there are more photos on the hospital’s facebook page.

See the facebook here.


  1. Kellan Lutz is just my favorite! He does so many different charitable things and he’s hot as hell!

  2. Absolutely love this!! It’s so refreshing to see someone in Hollywood giving back purely because they’re a great person, not because they’re being forced to. Kellan is such a good role model for ALL people. And look how relaxed he is with those kids – looks like he’d stay and play all day.

  3. He seems to be so genuine and nice. I love seeing people who haven’t let Hollywood change them. I also love to see people who use their “star status” for good, instead of self-promotion.
    What a great guy.

  4. Twilight Nymph says:

    That’s nice of him. I wish he would visit the children hospital I volunteer in. Only Twilight cast member that has visited is Dakota Fanning and that was when she was 12.

  5. I freakin’ love this guy!

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