Stephenie Meyer’s Jane Austen Love Helps to Inspire Another Book

We told you about two weeks ago about Elizabeth Eulberg’s novel, Prom and Prejudice. Elizabeth is Stephenie Meyer’s publicist. Entertainment Weekly just did an interview with Elizabeth and she talks about how her book was partially inspired by Stephenie Meyer.

“In your acknowledgments you thank Stephenie Meyer for a conversation that sparked your idea for the book. What was said?

We were on tour and talking about Pride & Prejudice and the different ways it’s influenced current pop culture—from Bridget Jones’s Diary to the Bollywood movie Bride & Prejudice. And I started thinking to myself, Could it be retold from a teen point of view? Pride & Prejudice is all about the Bennett sisters trying to find a husband but I didn’t want it to be about girls in high school trying to find a boyfriend. So I was like “What do girls and boys do in high school?” And then all of the sudden the title Prom & Prejudice came to mind and I said it aloud and Stephenie was like ‘Ooh, that’s really good!”

See the entire interview on EW.

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