Rumor Patrol: Not a Renesmee Breaking Dawn Photo

It seems like everyone in town is running the below photo and stating it is a Breaking Dawn still. Our inbox is going crazy with “Did you see this?” emails.It’s not, though the flowers are eerily similar to the meadow flowers from Eclipse.

It’s from an old fashion photo shoot, see video below for proof. The video was shot before MacKenzie booked Breaking Dawn.


  1. That pic was one of the first ones I saw of her when her name started being mentioned and I remember thinking the same thing about those flowers! lol

  2. TwiMomGran says:

    She is darling! She’ll make a great Renesme, can’t wait to see her. Probably won’t till the 2nd film, by which time this girl will have grown so much her interviews for the movie will show an unrecognizable Renesme. But she is perfect for the film I think.

  3. That’s funny. It is cool/ironic that she would be photographed in a beautiful meadow like the one in EC. There’s also a pic of her in that meadow w/a piano. How adroable!

  4. There is a great fan-made video for Breaking Dawn on You Tube featuring this photo shoot. Check it out.

    • The site wouldn’t let me post the Embed code, so just go to Youtube and type in ‘breaking dawn;;all we are’ its by loveisforeverGosh

  5. Twilight dreamers says:

    Shes perfect! She is beautiful but then, the way she looks around she seems very deep in a way, perfect Renesmee!

  6. Ha…Bluebonnets in the top pic…Texas’s state flower. (:


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