Jackson Rathbone at Fender Showcase Checking Out the Goods!

Many of you music aficionados probably hear the word “Fender” and don’t think “car bumper”. Your mind immediately goes to arguable the premiere manufacturer of guitars, Fender.

Well Jackson Rathbone along with current music greats like Keith Urban and Brian Whitford of Areosmith (just to name a few), checked out the latest the company has to offer at a showcase.

According to the company’s blog:

“Although known worldwide for his role as Jasper on the uber popular film Twilight, Jackson Rathbone is also in a band called 100 Monkeys. The actor/musician check out our Fender bass amps and then passed some time in the Fender Acoustics booth, laying down a few licks on Banjo.”

Check out the full coverage of the event here. The people attending reads like a who’s who of future inductees to the Rock and Roll and Country Music Halls of Fame.

Via Twilight Blogs


  1. Jazz Girl says:

    I absolutely adore Jax. He’s truly one of a kind. And, I totally have to be honest. In this photo, I’m desperately trying to see if MAYBE they are finally going back to using his own beautiful hair for Jazz. The last two wigs have been an exercise in secondhand embarassment and ignoring the dead animal on his head. I think he and Kris should start a support group.

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