Missing Robert Pattinson EXTRA Video Found

We’ve been trying to find this Golden Globes video for two days. The footage showed up in the back of a Zach Efron video. TY to Bridget on Twitter who found it. It looks like it went to EXTRA’s Aussie division.


  1. Love when they say “I’m the biggest Twi-hard on the planet!” but don’t know that he’s still filming! LOL!

    Wish I could hear it better, but VERY well done for finding it 😀

  2. Christine L says:

    I agree with Emma! Also, has nobody thought to ask him if they’ve fillmed the wedding yet?! I’d love to hear his take on that=)

  3. Couldn’t hear it…bad audio.

  4. Guess Kristen wasn’t able to (or just didn’t want to) go to this event.

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