LA Times Talks to Robert Pattinson and Bill Condon

The LA Times spoke with Robert Pattinson on the Golden Globes red carpet, and by phone with Bill Condon.

“Speaking by phone this month, director Bill Condon, who’s helming both installments of the finale, said he has been thrilled with what he’s seen from his leads. “All the characters are moving [in this chapter],” he said. “It’s really about the passage from adolescence to adulthood, and they all seem energized by that. It’s the stuff they are all connecting to in their lives.”

As for Pattinson specifically, Condon added, “Now he’s dealing with a character who’s like him. The final movie allows us to step behind the curtain of what it’s like to be a vampire. It doesn’t seem that exotic anymore; It’s trying to be more real.”

The director, though, was reticent to share any details of the production, which is filming in both New Orleans and Vancouver, Canada, with a jaunt to an island off the coast of Brazil — a location that might in the end prove the most memorable to Condon, because the entire cast and crew needed for the honeymoon scene was stranded after a long day of filming.

“It was incredible. We got caught in the middle of this huge rainstorm — I’ll remember it forever,” Condon said. “Eighty people sleeping on the floor of the set. We couldn’t leave.”

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  1. Wow! just awesome! I saw pictures of that place, not quite the way I pictured it but ok

  2. Just please don’t let Rob do a commentary on the BD DVDs. Can’t stand hearing him make fun of the characters or the movie. See Eclipse commentary with Kristen – he made fun of everything – ugh! Kinda makes the fans feel really stupid.

    • I didn’t see it that way. I thought it was hilarious. And I agreed w/ some of his comments (especially the Bella driving off w/Jacob & after the 1st “kiss.) I hope he & Kristen do commentary for BD.

      • EdwardsNana says:

        I so agree with you. Love the commentarys and hopw Rob & Kristen do them on BD. I think it was one of the biggest complaints from fans about the NM/ DVD.

    • EdwardsNana says:

      Sorry…but I disagree. I am a die hard twilight fan and I love the commentaries. Apparently most people do. New Moon didn’t have the commentary with Robert & Kristen and the DVD sales were not as large. Twilight and Eclipse show that the DVD did much better with the commentaries.

  3. So my mom called me today, and they are filming right down the street from where she works in Baton Rouge. It’s right near the river, and she said there are these HU-MUN-GUS green screens everywhere. One of her co-worker’s daughters is in the movie as “Dead Tourist #1.” She gets $100 each day of filming and had to sign a confidentiality agreement that when they call her up to film she won’t tell anyone where they’re going.

    • Hmm, where in the book are dead tourists?

      • lololol – dead tourists. It just sounds funny. They’re not in the books as far as I know. Movie – who knows.

      • Oshin Daniel Lautner says:

        The book does contain references about Bella being upset at the fact that there would be lots of people dying around Forks because of all the traditional (or non-vegitarian) vampires staying wih the Cullens. I suppose they’re just making that visual or something.
        Thats the only time I imagine they’ll be needing “dead tourists”. 🙂

  4. It really will be very sad when it’s all over. The only good thing about part 2 not coming out until 2012. I am hoping by then that SM will continue/finish the book that shouldn’t be named by then.

    • You know – I’ll almost be glad when the Saga movies are over in 2012. Its really been a looooong ride. Time to move on to bigger and better things. Anyway, the Vampire Diaries have been holding me over. I’ve got all the dvds. New season to start on 1/27.

  5. Lin,
    Good riddance!!! We won’t miss you 😀
    Can’t wait for November !

    • Thank You!

      • No problem 🙂 I think some people just like to start drama where their does not need to be. If you don’t like it, no problem, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but why come to these sites? It is nice there is a place for fans to come and stay up to date on what is going on, and I for one really enjoy reading intellegent and thoughtful comments from people who are true fans of books and movies. If you want to read hateful or mean comments, why put them on a fansite other to be spiteful or immature?


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