Kristen Stewart in Vogue:Includes Photo and Video

News of this being on newsstands came out this week. Vogue has now put the information online.

“Kristen Stewart’s body can tell a million stories. Kinetic, she jiggles, feints, and darts as she talks, hanging back, looking off to the side, signaling resistance, a combative intelligence. “The word I always use for her is vulpine,” says Jake Scott, who recently directed her in Welcome to the Rileys, in which she plays a teenage runaway and lap dancer. “Foxlike. She’s got that way of moving and being that you often find in her performances, a sort of wiliness.”

In other words, Stewart projects the kind of wary, rebellious edge that is so much more typical of her age group—she is 20—than gleeful high spirits, which is probably one reason she is head and shoulders above her peers in Hollywood’s power pyramid, and a director’s darling. Scott heard about her from his friend Sean Penn after Penn cast her as the unmoored daughter of hippie parents in the memorable Into the Wild. “Sean said, ‘You’ve gotta see this kid,’ ” Scott recalls. “ ‘She’s just so alive!’ ” For Bill Condon, currently ensconced in a year’s worth of filming for Breaking Dawn, the two-part finale of the mighty Twilight Saga, “Kristen was at the top of my list of reasons to do this movie.”

You can read the full article here.

Video of shoot here

You can find the photos that made teh magazine print copy here.

You can find outtake photos here.

Kristen’s famous tortilla soup recipe here.


  1. she looks a ’60s siren..

    • Great article on Kristen. I hope to hear of more upcoming roles for her. Lately it seems that some roles are going to other actresses with the reason being “they are looking for someone less famous”, such as with Snow White and The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. I think she is a talented actress and definitely wish for her to be successful in this industry. So come on directors – lets hear of some good roles offered to this talented young actress! I have to agree with the first comment – while I’m not liking the heavy eyebrows on Kristen, she does look like a 60’s siren. And I don’t believe she has much of a choice as to how they do her makeup. Actesses are hired to do a job (photo shoot) and the magazine has the artistic rights with the shoot. Either way, Kristen is so naturally gorgeous.

  2. Gigi Cullen says

    I really don’t like the pic shown here, it really doesn’t look lke her I think too much aribrushing. But to watch the video is grat.She is a stunning girl a great actress.

    • I totally agree. She’s is unrecognizable to me in the photo above. I couldn’t put my finger on it but yes, I’d say probably too much airbrushing. My first reaction is she really doesn’t need any airbrushing as Kristen is absolutely gorgeous, but then again, this is Hollywood so they want EVERYTHING perfect.

  3. Great article. It’s nice to see an interviewer who appreciates her for something other than Twilight and recognizes that her career started long before that film.

  4. Gigi Cullen says

    What a great interview. I think she’s an amazing young actress & she is only getting better.

  5. I think the makeup artist filled in her eyebrows too much. Its making her not look like herself at all.

    • CantanteDiEdward says

      Oh good, now I don’t feel so bad about what I’m going to comment on seeing the previous posts ^^

      When I first saw the photo, my initial reaction was, “Is this model trying to look like Kristen Stewart because she’s not doing a great job of it?” So I was surprised to find out that it indeed was Kristen Stewart. I agree with Danielle when she said the makeup artist filled in her brows too much. It just doesn’t look like her. The outfits were beautiful though 🙂

    • No kidding – her eyebrows look like bushes compared to the whay they really are. Not nice makeup. Geez Kristen why’d you let them do that to you?

  6. WOW – NOT what we’re used to seeing her look like. Even at the People’s choice awards she looked more like herself. Is it the air brushing or what?

  7. I agree the picture on Vogue didn’t look like the KS we’re used to seeing. Though, great video and interview, I agree with Gigi, she’s getting better and more comfortable. I think they all will be sad to see the Twilight Saga end, especially KS from the sounds of it.

  8. i’m guessing they are purposefully being artistic with the photos. the purpose of a shoot isn’t always to just look your best self. it’s fun to see how different you can make someone look (imagine your own possibilities!), and how you can mold them into different styles.

    on another note, i loved the article. kristen is definitely…different but in a very good way. i always like reading about her interests. there’s so much more to life than shopping, liking the current hotty, and gossiping. i think she’s a good example of expanding your horizons and learning about the world and life. she’s obviously found an ability to do that through film.

    • You have a point about looking different. It was a shock to see it, but it is nice – just not Kristen.

    • I just actually read the article and viewed all the pics that were offered. OMG – this girl (woman) is so beautiful. I wish her the best!

  9. Wow – at first I thought I was just thrown off by her hair being combed back but then I looked and realized her face looked CG. She looks like a robot. They ‘fixed’ this photo a little too much. That is a real pity since she is so naturally gorgeous.

  10. one word…GORGEOUS

  11. giggles! Im going to comment on the soup! Its all wrong! Im from TX….not a good recipe at all. sorry. 🙂

  12. Does not look like Kristen at all? More like a look-alike from the south

  13. Crazy man…she is so flippin’ beautiful! I dig the blonde hair on her, gives her an entirely new look. Her eyes are just like looking into a well of…I dunno…she has a very old soul.

  14. I’ve read a few articles already saying how over photo-shopped Kristen is in that picture. Was the editor drunk, letting that go out as a final cut?

  15. RockinRobbin says

    I thought it was an actress that would resemble KS at age 45! That streaky blonde deal takes away all her youth, horrid pictures, sorry.

  16. Outtake 2,6,7, and 8 are stunning. She’s a very pretty girl.

  17. She is over air brushed in the pictures….but you should watch the video…add some red contacts and you got Bella Cullen.

  18. OMG that interview made me SO happy.

    “I just want the fans of the book to be happy…I don’t necessarily care about anyone else.”

    THANK YOU, KRISTEN!!! I’m so glad that she’s so passionate about the part she’s playing, and that she “gets” it.

    “It’s the characters they’re flipping for.”

    Bravo, Kristen, you nailed it.

  19. Fake eyebrows anyone?

  20. that photo is horrid. she is such a pretty girl did they really need to photoshop the crap out of it!?

  21. Seriously, who is that? It isn’t Kristen.


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