Eclipse Is the Second Most Profitable Movie of 2010

Most Profitable Movies Released in 2010

There are other movies who brought in big box office dollars, but because they cost so much more to make. In other words they flopped or barely broke even. A lot of small budget movies raked in megaprofit when they landed in the top 100 films of the year. Two examples were from Summit Entertainment: Letters to Juliet and Remember Me

What’s interesting is to look at the box office totals for the above movies. Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3 are the only two that came in ahead of Eclipse. Harry Potter’s box office run has not yet closed out; however given it’s rate of intake it’s not likely to overtake Eclipse.

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  1. I love this !

  2. I thought harry potters intake was like 400,000 or was that half blood prince?

    I was sure Harry Potter would have been first, but im glad twilight over took the rest. Alice and wonderland was dissapointing.

  3. Can’t hardly beleive that Toy Story beat Eclipse. Oh well – guess there’s more kids 8 and under than I thought!

  4. It looks to me based on this chart that Eclipse was second, and not over taken by Alice in Wonderland as stated. Eclipse was only beaten by Toy Story 3….must be A LOT of kids really into those movies.

  5. Is that Rob Pattinson’s ‘Remember Me’ on the list above too?

  6. Toy Story 3 wins because it is Pixar and their movies almost ALWAYS make huge money. In fact I can’t think of one that wasn’t a hit. Like any Disney movie, yes the movies are geared towards kids, however in Pixar films, there is usually something for everybody. Pixar also lures people to see them because they are very good movies that offer high entertainment value.

    This can’t be said for any of the Twilight films, of whom owe their relative massive success ONLY to the loyalty passion/obsession of Twilight fans. As I’ve been saying all along… while the movies haven’t been bad… they aren’t really that good either.

    • Just curious – what are you doing on this site.

      • I’m sorry but you have to be plain stupid to not think that Toy Story 3 was one of the greatest movies ever made.

    • I’m going to have to completely agree with you here. Pixar does have awesome movies suitable for all ages, so I can see why they are at the top. My mother is 53 and is the biggest Toy Story fan ever. Most of these cartoon movies, I think, appeal to all different types of people, not just children, whereas the Twilight movies are only going to appeal to the loyal fans and for the most part girls & women.

      I even agree with you about the movies. They aren’t that great, I actually laughed through most of Eclipse, but I still like it. It’s nice to have something come to life from the pages of a book.

  7. I love the twilight movies, but…Worldwide Harry Potter7 is 12th all-time. Eclipse is 43rd.

    • Thank you!!! I love Twilight too but HP is and wil always be number one to me. I knew Harry Potter had to be bigger on some level because it’s been around longer…but all the websites I’ve visited say that Twilight beat out HP. So I’m glad to hear that worldwide Harry Potter is still #1. I’m not here to bash on Twilight, trust me, Twilight is my other obsession. 🙂

  8. The ONLY reason certain people visit this site is to cut down Twilight. Your just an axxhole.

    • Oops – mean you’re now your. But I did mean axxhole.

      • That is entirely not true. You by far have proven YOURself, yes I am speaking to you Lin, to not be able to accept ANYbody else’s opinion about the Saga but your own. I have never once trashed the Twilight Saga. Saying that the movies aren’t as good as they could have been, isn’t slamming the saga. I let the FACTS stand where they stand. I’m not the only Twi-hard that has voiced their concerns over the movie adaptations. Critics (take them or leave them) have been complaining about the films since they started being created. Yet the general response to anyone who gives even the slightest critical analysis, is that they are jealeous, they are ignorant, they don’t know what they are talking about… they need to read the books… In short, like Anne Rice and Stephen King… their questions, their concerns, their views and them personally, and now myself, are attacked verbally, simply for stating their views.

        If Twilight is to last through the ages, it has to be able to stand up to critical analysis. It is a movie… it is a book. It isn’t real. Please understand that. Why should Twilight be treated any different than any other movie/book? If you don’t think my comments about the Twilight movies are pleasant, then you should have seen my review of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”… 😛

        Again having an opinion isn’t trashing Twilight. I have yet to see ANYBODY on this site do that… However I HAVE seen a number of supposed Twi-hards have almost “troll” like behavior when it comes to those who don’t share their views…

        Stop the name calling, or you will find yourself banned.

  9. Any year when a Twilight and a Harry Potter movie are both released is a good year!

  10. It just ticks me off when people come on to this site just to tear down Twilight. If you don’t like the books or movies go somewhere else. There are always those who think they’re REAL movie critics, when in fact they spend most of their time just tearing everything down. Most of us that visit this site really like the Twilight series. We don’t appreciate people like YOU tearing us down. Real nice. Bet your parents are proud.

    • BTW… real movie critics didn’t like the Twilight movies either. To answer your question though. I DO love the Twilight books. I’ve read them all several times, and have been to the mid-night showings of the movies along with my friends. Just because I don’t think Stephenie Meyer is a goddess and the Twilight saga is holy, doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to be here. This site, if you remember, was created by Lori and Laura as a site where people can discuss Twilight and share their feelings about the movies, books, and other Twilight related things. I don’t have to have your opinion. The movies HAVEN’T been that great. This is a fact. I still enjoy them, but they aren’t nearly as good as people make them out to be. Summit should have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the films, but they didn’t. It painfully shows. I support the cast, but I’m going to be honest. If you don’t like that… well tough. I’m a screenplay analyst, novelist, and screenwriter with my own project coming to life sometime later this year (production that is). My trained profession is to help new screenwriters develope their stories. I know when a movie is structurely sound and when it isn’t. It is my job to know.

      My point is this… The Twilight Saga movies are successful because of us, the fans. I know several Twi-hards who stomach the movies, simply because they want to support Twilight and its lovely cast. They don’t particularly like the movies either…

      Thirdly, grow up, and realize that having a critical opinion about a book/movie isn’t trashing it. You’re not a 3rd grader, so stop playing like one. Nobody on this board has come here saying, “Twylyght Sux!” or “Ur a bunch of morons for liking Twylyght”… so stop whining about people having opinions about the movies or books.

      As a writer I get critical analysis about my works all the time, and some of it is rather harsh. I don’t hate somebody for not liking what I’ve written. In my case, it usually means I didn’t do something right. 😛

      In short, play nice and stop trashing people because they don’t share your opinion… okay…

  11. Twilight dreamers says

    See, this is why i hate box office lists, scores, placements, ect. It makes us turn against each other talking about other movies and tearing down, debating, being critical, other. How about we say- All these movies are good, made by good people and entertained us in different ways. Please, lets all be kind.
    <3 The biggest 14yr. old Twilight fan


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