Twilight Saga Actors, Directors, Bands List January 2011

There have been some recent changes, so it’s time to update!  We also put in official websites of the actors that either they or their management teams run. If they have any other type of social media, you can get it from their websites.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Stephenie Meyer DO NOT HAVE TWITTERS, FACEBOOKS, or any other type of social media!

Here are a listing of the real Twitters
relating to the Twilight Saga

Updated as of 1/13/11

Summit Entertainment Twilight Saga Movies

Cullen Family Members

Peter Facinelli Carlise Cullen

Ashley Greene Alice Cullen (no longer uses MySpace)

Kellan Lutz Emmett Cullen

Jackson Rathbone: Jasper Hale no personal twitter, Twitter for his band 100 Monkeys

Elizabeth Reaser: Esme Cullen no social media

Nikki Reed: Rosalie Hale

The Volturi

Michael Sheen Aro

Jamie Campbell Bower Caius

Chris Hyerdahl: Marcus No Social Media

Charlie Bewley Demetri

Daniel Cudmore Felix

Cameron Bright Alec

Dakota Fanning: Jane no social media

Forks Humans

Billy Burke Charlie Swan

Justin Chon Eric Yorkie

Anna Kendrick Jessica

Christian Serratos Angela Weber

Michael Welch Mike Newton

Quileute Tribe Members

Gil Birmingham Billy Black

Kiowa Gordon Embry

Tyson Houseman Quil

Tinsel Korey Emily

Taylor Lautner Jacob No social media (no longer uses MySpace)

Alex Meraz Paul Official Website

Bronson Pelletier Jared

Chaske Spencer Sam Official Website

Boo Boo Stewart Seth

James’ Coven

Rachelle Lefevre Victoria (Twilight/New Moon)

Edi Gathegi Laurant

Victoria’s Coven (Eclipse)

Bryce Dallas Howard Victoria (Eclipse)

Jodelle Ferland Bree

Xavier Samuel Riley

Amazon Coven

Tracey Heggins Senna

Judi Shekoni Zafrina

American Vampires

Valorie Curry Charlotte

Erik Odom Peter

Lee Pace Garrett

Denali Coven

Myanna Buring Tanya

Christian Camargo Eleazar

Casey LaBow Kate

Maggie Grace Irina

Mia Maestro Carmen

Egyptian Coven

Andrea Gabriel Kebi

Rami Malek Benjamin

Omar Metwally Amun

Angela Sarafyan Tia

Irish Coven

Marlane Barnes Maggie

Patrick Brennan Liam

Lisa Howard Siobhan

Romanian Coven

Guri Weinberg Stefan

Noel Fisher Vladimir

Other Actors in Breaking Dawn, Beats Us Who They Play!

Olga Fonda

Janelle Frolich

Amadou Ly (IMDB Pro says “Henry”…obviously not THAT Henry, but IMDB is fallible)

Ashlyn Ross (She looks a lot like Kristen Stewart wondering if she is a stand in)

Ben Jeran McGinn (has the word nomad next to his profile,not sure if it’s Breaking Dawn related)


David Slade (Eclipse)

The Twitters supposedly run by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor, Nikki Reed are all fakes. Ways to tell: mislabeling of photos stating where & when the pics were taken, Tweeting while clearly performing , all created around the same date, claiming they are posting personal photos when in reality are actually recycled paparazzi shots, official sites of actors don’t list a Twitter, etc. Also if they were real, Mr. Uber Twilight Twitter himself, Peter Facinelli, would no doubt mention it. Additionally Summit Entertainment confirms when each actor comes on twitter. They are also such A-list stars that their account would be verified by Twitter right away. So don’t get fooled by the fakes!


NOTE: The band list is not fully complete, but the actor/director list is (If anyone wants to help us finish this list it would be great!)

100 Monkeys The Band Jackson Rathbone plays with

Twilight Soundtrack

Bobby Long Writer of Let Me Sign along with Marcus Foster, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Sam Bradley Writer of Never Think, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Marcus Foster Writer of Let Me Sign along with Bobby Long, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack


Mute Math

New Moon Soundtrack

Death Cab For Cutie – @DCFC

Anya Marina – @anyamarina

Muse – @muse

Band of Skulls – @bandofskulls

OK Go – @OKGo

Sea Wolf – @SeaWolfMusic

Lykke Li- @Lykke_Li

TY to Devon for compiling the New Moon band list!


  1. I am taking a guess at two of the actors in the background of the Volturi pics released from the set.
    To me the dress looks like the lighter version of Jane/Alec which is how the books say they were..Volturi in black and everyone else gradually going up to gray from there.

  2. I kinda knew Rob and Kristen wouldn’t have a FB or Twitter account especially under their names. Here’s hoping fans will just leave them alone.

  3. I just looked up Ashlyn Ross and IMDB says she is a photo double for Dakota Fanning… of course, IMDB has been wrong before.

  4. i did think kristen had a fb it looks s personal and “she” would post when “she” was filming and has thanked the fans guess not 🙁


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