100 Monkey’s Autographed CD Giveaway

We had some 100 Monkeys news today and in going through my stash of stuff I found an autographed copy of Creative Control that I had the members of the band sign when they were in Nashville for NewCon two years ago.  If you’d like to take this CD off of my hands, post a comment below saying “PICK ME!”  We will chose one winner at random at 7:oo pm on Jan. 14.  Anyone is welcome to participate from any where in the world.  If Fed Ex can reach you, then we are happy to give you a prize!

For a look at what songs are included on this album, visit the 100 Monkeys official site.


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  12. Pick ME! I would love to re-gift this to one of their #1 fans!! She would die if she received it!
    Thank you so much for offering this, you guys ROCK! Keep up the great work.

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  16. Lindsay Blietz says:


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  20. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME. Love their music and having something signed by all the band members would be awesome.

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  23. Joanne Woods says:

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    I don’t have any 100 Monkeys CDs and they’re flipping awesome! 🙁


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  50. Pick me,please!I´d love to have the CD and here in Spain it´s not that simple to get it…

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