Melissa Rosenberg Receives WGA Nomination for Dexter

melissa-rosenbergheadshotCongratulations to Twilight screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, and the other writers on Dexter who have all been nominated for a WGA (Writers Guild of America) Award. See all nominees here.

The staff writers at Nurse Jackie, The Good Wife and The Pacific were also recognized. Those series have Twilight cast members: Elizabeth Reaser, Rami Malek, and Peter Facinelli in them.


  1. The writing for Dexter is AMAZING! What happened with Twilight?? :/

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      There are a few factors that come into play. With Dexter, Melissa isn’t the only writer invovled. There are other writers of whom contributre somewhat to the writing process. She is the lead, but she isn’t the only. The nature of Dexter’s story might play to Rosenburg’s strengths as well. In short she has a whole team working on the project, of which help create the product… Dexter.

      Twilight’s “failures” can’t all be blamed on Melissa. I’m sure the speed at which she had to hand over drafts and such caused part of the problems. Unlike Dexter, she is the only writer for the Twilight Saga, and she’s literally had to balance writing solo for the saga and Dexter all at the same time. Secondly with Summit’s desire to move through the saga as quickly as possible, she hasn’t the quality time needed to review and analyze the script, as she would have had with Dexter. In truth, had Summit hired a secondary writer for the screenplay, it might have helped, and thusly prevented some of the more embarassing dialogue and situations.

      • Summit’s deadlines are not an excuse. The Harry Potter movies, with the exception of #5 which had a different writer and #3, have only had a year in between. Steve Kloves didn’t have a problem meeting deadlines. I would say the bigger problem is a lack of experience in writing a movie script instead of a TV series script. I do think she has improved though since Stephenie started having more input.

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