Kellan Lutz Talks Meskada, His Personal Life, and Twilight to CY

This is one interview with Kellan that isn’t same-old, same-old.

“CY: We could say, the last how many years you’ve talked your mouth off about Twilight obviously and that’s what everybody wants to hear about, but more so than anything else, what is one thing you might never have shared to the public about being part of this franchise from any perspective?

KL: “That I haven’t shared with anyone.”

CY: Or maybe a perspective that’s overlooked.

KL: “Well, it’s definitely, it’s a big machine. I’m very thankful for it. But it is really tough to feel like, you know you’re just a small cog in the machine. There’s so many working pieces to it and I love being busy. I love doing independent movies where you know, you’re maybe more of a lead character, you have more insight, you have more say, you get to work with the actors a little more versus just having to sit in your trailer and you know, you kind of have to be there and I’m kind out of commission where I can’t do other projects until April.

Maybe I’m not working every day or maybe I’m working one day a week, but you still have to be there so I make the most out of it, but I definitely do miss when you’re not working all the time, you have more time to miss the things back home. It’s really, that’s why I try and fly back on the weekends as much as I can to spend time with my dogs because they’re only getting older and I’m gonna live a long time, but you know, my dogs lives aren’t as long as human’s lives.

You know, it’s one of those things where you do movies, I love doing film over television and I love traveling. I love playing different characters, but I find myself out of L.A. and away from my house seven months out of the year. So it’s really kind of a tough thing to be away from, your loved ones and my pets who are my, they’re really close to my heart. Thankfully I have amazing roommates who love them just as much as I do.”

You can read the rest here, or you can listen below:


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