EW Interviews David Slade

Entertainment Weekly has their interview with David Slade posted.  Having watched the Blu-Ray myself, I wondered why there weren’t more deleted scenes.  In particular, I wanted to see the scene where Bella envisions her life with Jacob.  Slade addressed this issue and others  in the interview.

Why don’t we see all the deleted scenes described in the commentaries on the DVD?
Stewart describes the first thing she shot on the movie — a “fairly ridiculous” sequence in which she imagined herself in the fireside flashback as the Quileute elder chief’s third wife, who stabbed and sacrificed herself to distract the vengeful female vampire attacking the village. Meyer and Godfrey describe people laughing when they saw it. Understandable that they would choose not to include it. Ditto the scene Bella imagined after her kiss with Jacob on the mountain. She saw them having grown old together. “There were a lot of issues with prosthetic makeup,” Slade says with a groan, then a laugh. “It gives me a bit of a shiver, as a filmmaker. As an idea, it was wonderful. What happens with a film is it becomes organic and it grows, and it tells you what it wants, and it was screaming loudly, ‘I don’t want that!’ to me.” Another scene described in the commentaries never actually got shot. “Stephenie really wanted to see Edward as a young man again, and we had this vision scripted for a while where Bella and he are together in Victorian times, as a kind of reverie,” Slade says.

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  1. How would they make a scene with Edward knowing Bella as a human, Bella didnt exist yet. WEIRD!!!

    • I’m a buddhist so i believe in Rebirth. So for me it is a possibility tht the might have come time after time for one another. :))… anyhoo it’s too bad they did make that scene.. :((

    • Twilight_News says:

      They would have filmed it as part of Edward’s idea of what it would have been like had Bella lived in his day. Part of that whole “I’m that boy” speech found on page 227 of the hardback version of the American Eclipse. Bella says she saw herself in an “Anne of Green Gables” moment.

    • I was thinkin the same exact thing! I would have loved to see him then, I mean, he would look the same, just maybe with his mom & dad, not with Bella!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ok that was a lame excuse for not including the Jacob/Bella scene. C’mon man!

    • Really? The fact that the prosthetics look really crappy is a bad reason to cut a scene? The idea is to put out a movie that looks good, NOT a movie that is a verbatim copy of the books. If he had included the Jacob/Bella flashback and it had looked bad, everyone complaining about the scene not being there would be the first people complaining that it looked bad. I’m sure that David Slade knows how to make a good movie better than 99.9% of the fandom, including the compainers. Let him do his job.

  3. I agree with the previous comment about the jacob, bella scene. Ok I can understand if you didnt want it in the final cut of the film. But it would have been nice to at least see in the deleted stuff. thanks a lot Slade.

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