Melissa Rosenberg on Name Confusion and Launching a Career

melissa-rosenbergheadshotThe Wrap has a great interview with Melissa Rosenberg. She tells the story of trying to get people to read her material, trying to get an agent, and some name confusion that happened along the way at her first big meeting:

“I’m like, Wow, what did she tell them? This is fantastic! I send them the script, and then I go in to meet with one of them. Everyone in the agency wants to meet with me, and I’m going, This is amazing.

And one of them says, Yeah, we just made a deal with your mother. And I’m going, Okay, my mother’s been dead 10 years, so you guys are great!

As it turned out, they thought I was Joan Rivers’ daughter, because her name was Melissa Rosenberg also. I had this nepotism going for me without being related to anyone.

Liz Glotzer knew I wasn’t Joan’s daughter, but her assistant didn’t, and her assistant told the other person, who told all the agents and that’s why they wanted to read me. But some of them actually did read the script, including someone over at the Irv Schechter Company, and they called.

I said, I’ve gotta tell you right away, I’m not Joan Rivers’ daughter, but they read it anyway and that was how I got my first agent.”

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  1. Melissa Rosenburg did a great job on the Twilight movies. Just wish more details could have been added to the movie, but time didn’t allow it I guess.

  2. Twilight9009 says:

    I am a big fan of Melissa Rosenberg. I know she gets a lot of hate from our fandom, but she has done a great job with the material. I have loved every movie so far and Breaking Dawn is already looking great!


    THE GREATEST INSULT is the Warner Bros’ GENDER WAR for women fans. It does not matter whether you are Twilight fan or not, hiring an actress to write the screenplay for Buffy (just to give the project a female writer) is an insult to female audience members. Why not hire a female screenwriter, because the company wants to hire the woman THEY WANT not accidentally end up validating women as screenwriters. To be clearer Meyer was the book series writer, Melissa Rosenberg was the screenwriter for the films. Obviously we need to wait to see who the female director is that Warner Bros will hire to simulate Director Catherine Hardwick. Some may be amazed how petty creativity can be pertaining to Hollywood decision-making.

    For more information:

  4. Hi Lexicon. Not sure how to message you but heres my review of the Eclipse DVD(i got it early here in Australia)

    Everyone seems to like the SM/Wyck commentary summary so feel free to take what you want but please credit 🙂 Lots of sites have mistakenly been crediting someone else for me 8 hours work! (i just made this so hope it works)

    ORIGINAL POST at 3am last night

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