Twilight Actors Celebrate Thanksgiving 2010

First up is Ashley Greene who tweeted a picture of her whimsical breakfast.

Ashley later showed us the dinner table as well. She said, “I’m Incredibly thankful for SO many things..most of all my wonderful family and friends who continuously love and support me 🙂 Annnnd I’m thankful for all my amazing fans! You guys deserve your own separate tweet 🙂 Cant wait to read all your Turkey Day stories! Xo

Erik Odom, who plays Peter in Breaking Dawn, gave us his recipe for bacon-apple pie. Yes, that’s not a typo, bacon-apple pie.

Apparently it’s a great combo recommended by Rachel Ray.

Kellan Lutz Tweeted, “Happy Thanksgiving. Hope You all had a great thanksgiving! With family and friends together! I love Traditions. Comatose time. Thx Turkey.”

Peter Facinelli tweeted, “Happy Thanksgiving Twitterverse! and thanks for al the birthday well wishes. Gotta go… turkey’s gobbling….”

Tinsel Korey spent the day reading The Deathly Hallows and loved the classic Molly Weasley line,”Happy Turkey Day Everyone! Time for some Pumpkin Pie next! *Drools* Mmmmmmmm.”


  1. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Lexiconers, I understand Kellans coma for sure! Hope everyone has a safe and yummy holiday. We are all blessed for sure.

  2. Best to all of you. Now its time to prepare for Christmas

  3. judeytwilightmoodey says:

    that bacon apple pie sounds… kinda strange but i bet it tasted pretty good!!

  4. twilight dreamers says:

    I’m glad all in the twi-universe had a happy holiday

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