Kellan Lutz Unexpectedly Pops Up in Iowa

This is one of the cuter fan encounters we’ve seen in awhile. No one can simultaneously be prouder of you and be potentially more embarrassing than your grandma.  Via the Ogden Reporter:

“When Joellen Nissen… left for work last Thursday morning, little did she know she would be meeting a movie star while checking at the Ogden Casey’s General Store.
“I often chit chat with the customers here at the counter,” said Nissen, and when I asked this older couple what brought them to Ogden, I was told they had picked up their grandson at the airport. He was visiting for a few days at their home in Pocahontas.” The grandmother couldn’t hold back and burst with, “He’s a movie star!” She pointed down the aisle. Kellan Lutz, co-star of the popular Twilight Saga movie series “Eclipse” walked to the counter and was introduced.

Nissen described him as very polite, nice and sort of quiet.” She omitted the word “sexy” which many would used to describe the 25-year-old actor who was recently featured in People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive Issue.” Proud grandma went to her car and returned with a copy of the magazine, exercising her “grandparental” right to brag.”

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  2. Awww, this is the cutest, sweetest story! Hurrah for grandmas!

  3. awe that cute!

  4. My Grandma and Great Aunt Helen would have done the same thing to me and I just work at a school, LOL! So cute and the fact the grams is carrying around his people mag is even better!

  5. SavyTwilighter says

    i got a very excited call from my 5 year old cousin, who lives in Ogden, saying she said hi to “Emmett” at the grocery store. i thought she was being cute but my aunt confirmed it. now it looks like im going to be visiting them more often^-^

  6. Wow, what a down to earth actor! He goes and stays with his grandparents for a few days, in Iowa no less. I live in Iowa.. so it’s nice to know Kellan Lutz is here in the state! woooo

  7. Midwestern roots are ever so humble. Thank you Kellan for staying grounded. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your grandparents.

  8. twilight dreamers says

    Aw, that’s sweet! Happy thanksgiving everyone! We all have a lot to be thankful for!

  9. wow i live like an hour from there lol

  10. How awesome was that? Plus he still takes time to visit grandma….he always seemed sweet but he just confirmed

  11. What a sweetheart. When you think about it, though, any one with sense would know that the more famous you are, the more important people who love you unconditionally are. Good for him.

    • Exactly! It’s great he still gets home to visit Grandma. With all the craziness they experience, it’s great he has a close family to rely on.

  12. That’s cute. From a grandma’s brag book when he was a baby to showing him off in People’s Sexiest. Wow. That must be surreal.

  13. My hubby & I live in Boone which is minutes away from Ogden! 🙂 SO happy to hear that a Kellan encounter may happen for us one day also 🙂

  14. Ha~, the grandmather is so cute, I like her

  15. Im from Pocahontas and I know his grandparents. Some of my friends got pictures with him when he came to visit his grandma a couple wks ago. His cousins also live close to Pocahontas and I am good friends with them! 🙂 Hes so sweet!

  16. I live in this town, so it was nice to hear that a movie star made an unexpected visit to our only gas station in Ogden. That was some big news for our town. (: (don’t you love small towns) It is is cute that he is visiting his grandparents. Got to love Iowa!


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