How Would You Like to Go To A Kellan Lutz Premiere

We are giving away 5 passes to attend the premiere of Kellan Lutz’s new movie Meskada(Check out the trailer below). If you are in the Los Angeles area and can attend, tell us in the comments below why you love Kellan and we’ll pick five random winners on Wednesday at 9:00pm est. You must have photo ID and be 18 or over. The five random winners can bring a guest of their choosing with them.

MESKADA Premiere Details:
When: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @ 7:30 p.m.
Where: CineSpace
6356 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90028
Who: Kellan Lutz & Norman Reedus

MESKADA opens in theaters and premieres on Video on Demand(VOD) December 3, 2010.

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  1. I love Kellan because he is always SO kind to others and so honest during interviews. He just seems like a good, caring person that you’d want to be friends with.

  2. Wow! This is such a great opportunity! What to say about Kellan…

    Well he’s one of those guys that you know isn’t just about what’s on the surface. He cares deeply for bettering the planet, putting a stop to any kind of abuse, etc. In other words he uses his celebrity for good…making him a great role model. I enjoy his body of work and admire what he stands for — having what appears to be a strong moral center.

    I’d love for the opportunity to attend this event and see Kellan in a new role besides the lovable Emmett Cullen.

  3. Describing how much I love Kellan Lutz is almost impossible. I have the chills just thinking I could actually be lucky enough to win this and meet him! I WANT A BEAR HUG! Yah, I had to use caps for that hahaha! Plus I it would be exciting to see the movie. I’ve seen almost everything he’s acted in.

    Plus I love that he loves his dogs. My heart melted when he was on Bonnie Hunt and Kola was there! (& he looked damn good going down that firepole ;D )

    I am TOTALLY free that tuesday night & 21!
    I would love to win this!


  4. It’s about friggin’ time this movie is made available! I was following it because of Nick Stahl, though. Not Kellan. It didn’t get very good reviews, but from the trailer it looks good to me!

  5. I love Kellen because he supports charities and is always vocal about them. He’s a giant teddy bear, that loves hugs and always have time to give us those big teddy bear hugs. And, that leads me to, he always makes time for the fans and whenever he talks about us it makes me feel like he really appreciates me and all of us. And, you really don’t get that from everybody.

  6. There are so many great things to say about Kellan. Its hard to decide where to start.

    The great thing about Kellan is that he is genuinely nice guy. Its impossible not to love him. He truly cares about others and he does whatever he can help others in need. The way he stays grounded through the mania that comes with his success is admirable. Kellan is a not only an incredible actor, but an all around stand up guy. To know him is to love him. Even though I know very little it hard to resist his charm.

  7. I love Kellan because he is a beautiful manly man who is confident and not afraid to show his soft side. He loves animals, does charity work, and proudly shows his spiritual beliefs. He seems to be an awesome guy.

    Thank you for the opportunity to attend!

  8. The great thing about Kellan is that he is genuinely nice guy. Its impossible not to love him. He truly cares about others and he does whatever he can help others in need. The way he stays grounded through the mania that comes with his success is admirable. Kellan is a not only an incredible actor, but an all around stand up guy. To know him is to love him. Even though I know very little it hard to resist his charm. And he cares about what’s going on

  9. I am a big fan of Kellan’s because he is dedicated to using his fame to better the world. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a guy who loves animals??

  10. I love Kellan because he is such a down to earth guy and somehow manages to make everyone around him feel comfortable. Plus he is a huge animal lover and is an advocate of that.

  11. Kellan seems like a real down to earth guy, giving back thru Charity is what I like best about Kellan and the fact that he has been able to stay grounded even know he has become one of most recognizable faces in the world, which says a lot for his character. I wish him the best in his future films, all my thanks, the better Steve!

  12. With all the fame that has come to him, he is just a total sweetheart. He doesn’t mind taking the time out for fans. He is kind hearted and loves to give back to his community and loves volunteer work. He also loves his dogs so much and he is someone I would love to meet. Please pick me!!!


  13. I love Kellan because he is a real sweetheart. With all the fame that he has he is still down-to-earth and grounded. He also takes time just to talk and hang out with the fans. Also, he supports charities and is a huge animal lover which is awesome! Finally, he gives great hugs! 🙂

  14. Lindsey G. says:

    How do I love Kellan? Let me count the ways…Just one look in those baby blues and you see an honest, genuine person who loves what he does. Not only that, but he’s great with all of his fans because he truly appreciates their support! And if being generally awesome wasn’t good enough, he is also aware of the world around him and uses his platform to support great causes!

    The opportunity to see the Meskada premiere would be amazing, but the chance to be there and support his career is infinitely better.

  15. People don’t realize what a smile can do. He is always so happy and it automatically radiates to those around him. He has eternal optimism, leaving one to feel that no matter what is going on, things will be okay. His journey is uplifting, and makes you realize you can do anything, that it is never too late. His devotion and amount of time spent with his supporters is amazing, and I’m not sure he realizes what is does for them. These are all the reasons I appreciate Kellan Lutz.

  16. The reason i love Kellan so much is because, simply put, he’s a lover. He has one of the biggest hearts i’ve ever encountered. He’s a humanitarian, he cares deeply for everyone…even animals, and seeing him first hand interact with his fans is one of the best things you will expeirence. He’s so humble still, even after the fame and attention, it’s refreshing.

  17. Awww How awesome is this??? I wanna win!!! I would love to go!

  18. I Love Kellan. He is a sweetheart. He cares so much for all his charities. I love tha the cares soo much to give back to as many as he does. I love that he has rescued both his animals. He is so awesome. He is amazing in Twilight. I know he doesnt have a HUGE part in the Twilight movies, but I think of his character and picture him. He is just an amazing actor and I adore him.

  19. Well i don’t know exacly how to say why i love Kellan. His is absolutely amazing! He loves sports, like me and he is so charitable. He has ads for PETA and he adoted his dog Kola. All of my friends think i’m crazy because everyday he’s all i talk about. I must say i am a big Kellan Lutz fan. My computer is plastered in his pictures and my rooms and i’ve watched every single movie that he’s been in more than 5 times. He is an all around amazing person. And of course gorgeous. Kellan Lutz is so interesting and hilarious. I mean it would be hard NOT to love him. <3


  20. I love Kellan because he has a good heart. He helps out with multiple charities and causes that he feels passionate about. He’s an animal lover, a talented actor and a funny guy. What a great experience it would be to explore talents playing role in a movie other than Twilight (although that is where I fell in love with him!)

  21. I love Kellan Lutz because he is a gentlman with a gentle heart. He cares about his fans and he is the kind of guy you would want to take home to meet your parents. He loves his mom and he loves animals. His relatioonship with Kola is truly a great relationship. We don’t see many guys willing to show so much affection towards an animal.

    He also has a sense of humor and what is not to love about that. His charity work is something to admire about him as well. That is why I love Kellan Lutz

  22. I love Kellan because he is so sweet to his fans, he gives the best hugs, and his smile makes me melt.

  23. He is sweet natured and loves animals as well as the earth there is almost nothing better… Well maybe chocolate okay, okay not even that. It looks like a great movie with a great cast made all the better by the fact that Kellan lends his talents to it. It would be a genuine honor to attend the premier. He cares so much about all of the people around him and even those far away from him such as us his adoring fans. Wonderfully handsome man!

  24. I love Kellan because I’m a normal 19 year old girl with ~needs. DON’T JUDGE ME. Just… help me. With free passes to movies he just happens to be in. Please?

    He’s also really sweet, his dimples are so cute. He has a great smile and he seems to have a great vibe.

  25. Danielle H says:

    I adore Kellen. What’s not to love? The guy is amazing and being so good looking does hurt a bit either. Would really love the chance to goto this premiere!

  26. Richard Peterson says:

    Very Cool!

  27. Brittany Clark says:

    I love Kellan Lutz because the way he his. He is not just that way on the outside, during interviews, he’s that way on the inside too. He’s truly inspirational.

  28. SavyTwilighter says:

    i absolutely adore Kellan! he is such a sweetheart. not only is he kind to all the people around him but he really does try to give back as much as his fans give to him. i also love how he volunteers so much and wants to make the world a better place by giving his time and love to a project. best of all he is just about as crazy about animals as i am^-^ such a kind and gentle person who also is amazingly talented. Kellan you always put a smile on my face!

  29. I think Kellan is great because in times when celebrities seem shallow and full of themselves, he takes the time to talk about charities and tries to help people. He seems to care about his fans. Also, he is really talented at acting. He becomes the character. Everything wonderful about him has already been said, but it is worth it to read them all over again. He has truly impacted all those around him for the better.

  30. I love kellan lutz because he’s one of the few actors that are genuinely humble, and the love he has for his fans can be seen instantly. I would love to get the chance to meet him and hopefully get one of his bear hugs he’s so known for 😉

  31. Stephanie G. says:

    I love Kellan because of the smile he puts on my friends face. She’s not one that is easily swayed into a fandom, which leads me to believe he is not your average movie star. For as much adoration I have for him and the warmth he brings to my heart with every smile he casts, it’s the happiness and light that is conveyed on my friends face at the mere mention of him that makes me truly love Kellan. She has helped me through the hardest part of life to date and giving her this gift would be part of a thank you that is nearly impossible to properly express in words.

  32. Evan Berman says:

    Kellan Lutz,
    What can i say about you? Well I have never actually meet the guy, but I think It would be a wonderfull experience. Just from watching the live feed of movie premieres, and his tv interviews Kellan really is all about his fans. He has that upbeat, outgoing personality that is really amazing to see. What I mean is he doesnt seem like the type of person that let his fame get the best of him. I would consider it an honnor to meet Kellan if it were possible. He always seems so cool with greeting his fans, and getting himself all hyped up when its fan based related. I really hope you guys consider me in your drawing, that would be wonderfull thank you so much.
    Evan Berman

  33. I love Kellan because he is so charming!

  34. I Love Kellan because he is Kellan!!! He is a huge animal rights activist and I love that. I also think he is a kick butt actor and he could be just about anything!

  35. Jessica D. says:

    I love Kellan because he is so sweet to everyone he meets. He’s so kind to his fans, and all his charity work is admirable. I’m excited to see where his career takes him because he is very talented and deserving!

  36. I love Kellan because he is super sexy AND is an amazingly nice guy! How often does that happen??? And he is compassionate toward animals, which is a quality I greatly admire in anyone. How you treat animals tells a lot about a person. He is a proven dog lover. And Kellan and I went to the same college, which is just awesome. (Chapman University:). We were probably there at the same time. So we are fellow alums:).

  37. Kellan is so amazing to his fans! He has the cutest smile! I love the work Kellan does for all the animals! He seems like the sweetest guy ever! I would love to see him in this movie!

  38. Why do I love Kellan Lutz?

    He’s super adorable. Loves dogs. And he always seems happy, which makes me happy!

  39. I love Kellan because he is so incredibly charming. He can make a two second photo op an unforgettable experience.

  40. I love Kellan because he tries his hardest to make every fan he meets feel like he/she is the most special person in his life at that moment. He is truly enthusiastic about meeting his fans and appreciates them deeply. He is down-to-earth, kind and friendly; his beautiful personality shines through and eclipses his external beauty.


  41. The reason I love Kellan is simple. What you see is what you get. And what’s not to love about that?! He’s the perfect celebrity, and even with all his rising fame, he’s managed to keep himself from becoming a diva! Better than that, he supports great charities and is great with his fans!

  42. I love kellan becuase he’s a good person. Works with charities!

    Most of all I love his heart.

  43. I don’t love Kellan… but my wife does. I know she’d be very excited and grateful to attend the premiere.

  44. That body. Hot damn hahaha. Hottest dimples everrrrr!

    I remember he did a PSA with his mom and I thought that was nice!
    He always tweets to his bro.
    I like that he loves his family!


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