Shakespeare and Stephenie Meyer Ranked as Popular Facebook Author Followings

Most of the people on this list, like Stephenie Meyer, don’t have a page that they run. Their ranking tool, however is a little off, last we checked there were millions of Stephenie Meyer followers on the Official Twilight Facebook that covers the movies.

With a combination of contemporary and classic writers, the eclectic group listed has been compiled according to the number of Facebook fans, gathered with statistical tools from the website

These were the top 10 authors, as of November 11:

1. Stephen King (1,302,973 fans)
2. Nicholas Sparks (506,300)
3. George Orwell (399,403)
4. Shakespeare
5. Nora Roberts (290,836)
6. Stephenie Meyer (261,176)
7. Jane Austen (230,814)
8. Anne Rice (229,192)
9. Jodi Picoult (209,637)
10. Sidney Sheldon (207,727)

Check out the details here.


  1. This list only relys on Facebook’s own Wiki related pages, not including other fan-based pages. The Official Twilight Saga Page has nearly 17 million fans alone.

    Hardly accurate.

  2. oh snap, more fans than Anne Rice. What now, Anne? no wonder why you feel the need to hate on Stephanie

    • Anne Rice has been writing books for a while, and they are quite good. I’m sure in real life she has just as many, if not more fans than Stephenie Meyer. I do love both of them as writers, but they have different writing styles and different takes on vampires (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

  3. I’m rather sad that Stephanie has more fans than Jane Austen. I mean, I like Twilight, but it really can’t compare to Austen’s works, and I know Stephanie would totally agree with that. *sigh* What do they teach them in schools these days?

    • Like I mentioned above, they are only looking at the Facebook-generate, Wiki-fed pages on FB. It does not take into account all the other pages, groups, etc. There must be hundreds of Austen-related groups on FB. Plus, it doesn’t include the people who include her under their fav books on their profiles.

    • I think is also the fact that Jane Austen fans don’t have any new material on her to discuss Stephenie has the movies, the other books, the projects and people interested on it are usually in facebook as well. I’m sure that in real life Jane Austen has more fans I didn’t even entered the Jane Austen facebook page because it never occurred and I to me that she had one.I’m an a big fan.

  4. Twilight dreamer says:

    Actually alot of people that are into Twilight and Stephenie Meyer have only seen the movies and not read the books, that kind of annoys me when people ‘like’ an author but have not even read their work but just are interested in the movies. Im young and I love to read but most of my peers dont. Sigh, I guess I have an old soul.

  5. This is ridiculous. What about JK Rowling? The Harry Potter books should be included on an all time list. I don’t know where this list came from or what kind of authors it is tabulating but also James Patterson is not on this list, who is probably THE most prolific writer of them all, and of course Shakespeare. This has to be the silliest list of all time.


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