Robert Pattinson a Wagner Fan? And No, We Don’t Mean Opera

Supposedly Robert Pattinson made comments to the UK tabloid the Mirror (which has gotten several Twilight stories wrong in the past so take this for what you will) claiming to be a fan of the hit show The X Factor which is backed by Simon Cowell. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it’s essentially a talent competition for singers that’s run out of the UK. Unlike American Idol, the contestants can be any age, and they have been hand picked by a panel of judges because each one (from countries around the world) has an “X Factor” –that undefinable thing that draws people to them even if they aren’t the most talented, call it charisma, charm, whatever.

Rob’s comments on Wagner and the show were as follows:

“[He is] the sort of guy you’d do a drunken duet with at a family wedding…I love this guy. He doesn’t have the best voice, but he enjoys what he does and I respect him for that…It’s great just to see him wind Simon Cowell up…I really hope Wagner is still in by the final. If filming allows I’ll be there, and I guarantee I’ll be wearing a ‘Vote Wagner’ T-shirt.”

Read more at the Mirror.

Here’s a video of Wagner performing, judge for yourself. Coincidentally, Wagner hails from Brazil where Rob is currently about to start filming.


  1. Not sure how I felt about that…lol He did seem very nice.

  2. Oh no, I’m guna have to vote for Wagner now!!

  3. Hmm, not sure why you decided to post this. The interview is almost definitely BS. Why would Rob give an interview to a tabloid? Ridiculous.

  4. Tina Holewinski says:

    I feel like my eyeballs were raped….

  5. Its deffinatly not true!

    Wagner may be very… original, but Rob doesnt like him. The interview is obviously fake.

    Plus no offence Wagner, your not the best in the show… your not even british lol.

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