Former Summit Board Member Called Out For Misrepresenting The Twilight Saga

Summit LogoNikki Finke from Deadline Hollywood has the scoop and the emails on this one. The long and short of it seems that there is a former Summit board member who is/was showing the movies to audiences at what were billed as charity screenings. At these screenings, actors associated with the franchise were solicited to appear. There were also set visits auctioned off without that were apparently without authorization.

According to Nikki Finke:

“Failure may be an orphan in Hollywood, but success has many fathers. I’ve learned that Summit Entertainment has sent a letter threatening legal action if this NYC-based businessman continues to “misrepresent that he’s involved in the ownership, management, decision-making, and operations” of Summit. Last time the studio warned him, he was claiming involvement with Summit’s New Moon and Breaking Dawn movies in the Twilight saga.”

See more details including the correspondence from the legal team and parties involved here.

It looks like the Summit legal team is pretty busy. Over the past year they have been/are currently involved in lawsuits stemming from people hacking into their photographer’s server and distributing unauthorized photos from Eclipse to stopping magazines from running photos for which they did not obtain the proper licensing.


  1. Summit is right in protecting what it has built. People need to be honest and not mis repesent who they are. Thank you for the update. You are all truly amazing at what you do to keep all of us up to date on all things Twilight. Thank you.<3

  2. OneDarkBella says

    Does this mean the $60,000 set visit was bogus?