Fabulous Twilight Themed Giveaway From Target

We are giving away the following in celebration of the Eclipse DVD release courtesy of Target. Here’s what the giveaway includes according to Target:

This time,  Target wants to give Twi-hards the ultimate Twilight package. One lucky fan of will win everything she needs to host her own “Girl’s Night In,” including:

  • A copy of the Twilight: Eclipse movie right when it comes out
  • The Target exclusive “Bella” bedding from the movie.
  • Target will also include a Remington exclusive printed hair straightener and blowdryer
  • Burt’s Bees manicure set
  • And what’s a girl’s night without munchies? So add in Archer Farms trail mix to ensure a good time is had by all!

So if you would like a chance at the above, just tell us what your favorite moment from the movie Eclipse was and we’ll pick a random person from the comments at 11:59:59 on Saturday night. The giveaway is limited to residents of the United States.

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  1. Favorite moment in Eclipse…when bella cuts her arm just to save Edward’s life. It really shows how strong bellas love is for Edward.

  2. My favorite moment in the movie was Edward dropping Bella off to Jacob … Does he own a shirt? (And the kiss Bella /Edward) *sigh*

  3. My favorite moment is when Charlie and Bella had “the talk”. It made me chuckle. Especially Bella’s reaction to Charlie bringing up the topic.

  4. My favorite part is when Bella goes to the Cullens house with her broken hand and Emmett is all like “try to chew gum and walk at the same time again Bella?”
    lol Love that part so much it makes me laugh so hard every time I even think about it!!!

  5. My favorite moment from Eclipse would be the moment Edward and Bella are in his bed and talking she wants to have sex but he stops her…then he proposes (again) and gives her the ring.

  6. My favorite scene would have to be when Edward proposed to Bella in his bedroom. It was so sweet and the song in it just made it so much better. It just makes me want to cry every time I hear that song because I think about how they love each other so much.

  7. Lizzie (ellachanted) says:

    Got to be the leg hitch scene.

    Though “The Talk” with Charlie was a close second lol!

  8. Missa2005 says:

    My favorite part is the proposal. Rob is perfect old-fashioned boyfriend. I was melting when he did the proposal!

  9. Jacob says, “And lets face it, I am hotter than you” The look on Edward Cullen’s face is priceless. (Laughs) @Twi_Twit_Coven

  10. Candace Macbeth says:

    My favorite scene is when Jacob tricks Bella into asking for a kiss, and the kiss. It makes me melt, every time.

  11. the proposal!!!

  12. My favorite Eclipse scene is – the Proposal. It doesn’t get anymore romantic than Edward on bended knee proclaiming to love Bella every moment of forever. Faint!

  13. I’m going to go with the sexy bedroom scene. 🙂 Yum yum.

  14. Fave part of Eclipse. Fight training scene. Specifically the part between Alice and Jasper. It was short, but really sweet and the music was perfect. And quite frankly, we’ve not had enough Jasper and Alice scenes in the movies!! 😉

  15. My fav moment from Eclipse is the “I’m that boy”/proposal scene. It makes me cry and my heart flip. lol

  16. My favorite Eclipse moment would have to be when they come back from the Bella/Jacob kiss and she had punched him. Edward looks like he’s going to rip into Jacob and Charlie comes out to break them up and once he finds out why his expression was priceless.

  17. i absolutely loved the chase scene between the cullens and the wolves and victoria. the jumping back and forth, the efforts from every cullen, the cunning speed and strength of the wolves, and victoria just dancing all around them. LOVE IT. 🙂

  18. My favorite scene is the fight with Victoria. Bryce Dallas Howard was so fierce in that movie…it’s ridiculous!!! Loved her!!!

  19. My favorite part of the movie is the proposal scene. So beautifully done in the book and the movie!

  20. My favorite parts are the bedroom proposal al and the tent scene love watching the two sexiest men in tv/ the movies spar over Bella!

  21. the fire and ice tent scene was done beautifully

  22. It’s so hard for me to choose just one part of the movie that is my favorite b/c the whole movie was AWESOME! But one of my favorites, was the scene on top of the mountain when Bella & Jacob share their second kiss. The moments that led up to it was almost heartbreaking for me when Jacob overheard Edward & Bella speaking of the “Top 10 Best Nights”. He said, “You’re marrying him?” with the most heartbreaking tone in his voice. Now that kiss on top of the mountain was the most perfect kiss I have ever seen since “The Notebook” in my opinion. There was so much passion and love, I even started to cry in the theatre. There is not one day that I don’t talk about anything to do with the Twilight Saga, and when we go book by book, movie by movie this scene is about one of the first one’s I bring up. Thank you for giving me a chance to enter and possibly win this contest. It would be incredibly AWESOME to win, so me and my friends can have an official TWI-PARTY!!

  23. The proposal!! Team EDWARD!!

  24. I would have to say the tent scene was the funniest at least.

  25. While I loved lots of the romantic Bella/Edward scenes — one of my favorite ECLIPSE scenes was when Esme & Carlisle teamed up to behead one of the newborn vamps during the fight scene!

  26. fight training scene for sure!

  27. my fave scene is when Edward proposes to Bella in the bedroom, give me goosebumps and brings a tear to my eye every time. I love it.

  28. The sex talk between Bella and Charlie was priceless. LOL

  29. I would say the funniest scene was the tent scene. too many others to choose my fave.

  30. My favorite part was of course the proposal for the Team Edward side of me but i love how team switzerland is introduced so i loving both characters of edward and jacob officially have a team. In the movie I love how they took certain parts from the book and made it into their own sort of way… The ring was perfect exactly as i expected it to be and their was a bed in his room just like their was supposed to be. I loved how you could feel the passion between the two but in a different way. As for my team jacob side I loved how they incorporated the love triangle because that was an important part of the book. (Especially the mountain scene <3) When they are sleeping in the tent together and edward feels horrible but her other true love can step in and help her she feels comforted. Edward hates it and it is very contraversial the way they had to do this and it was very well done. I thought that the whole way they did the proposal and the pre-fight scene was very entertaining!

  31. Oh and Emmetts comment to bella after she has punched jacob…. “Bad ass”

  32. My favorite part was when they were training to fight the newborns! Especially when Alice fights! ^_^ I love her!!!

  33. Crystal DeLeon says:

    My favorite moment from Eclipse was the back story of Jasper. Jasper is so quiet and it’s been hard to get to know him. Watching the scenes from his back story allows you to get to know him better and connect more with the character.

  34. My favorite moment was by far the engagement scene. It was everything I was expecting it to be!

  35. The ‘sex talk’ with Bella and Charlie… HILARIOUS

  36. My favorite part of Eclipse was when Bella pulled Edward on top of her by grabbing his hair, and he pulled her knee over his hip. JUST like the book 🙂

  37. The meadow scene at the beginning =)

  38. my favorite is when jacob tells edward face it i’m hotter than you,funny u know the double meaning was funny

  39. “You’ll always be my Bella. My Bella just less fragile.” My favorite part and favorite Edward line in the whole movie 🙂

  40. “I kissed Bella… and she broke her hand… punching my face… total misunderstanding.” that my favorite scene of Eclipse

  41. When Carlisle says,”I’ll come back and set up a morphine drip” because I’m a nurse!!! v-v

  42. My favorite scene in the movie is definitely the proposal! I have been a Team Edward fan since reading the first book and I the intensity of their relationship is so exciting to watch!

  43. My favorite part is the proposal. Robert did an amazing job and looked so hot!!

  44. My favorite part is the part when Bella PUNCHES Jacob in the FACE!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!! \(^O^)/

  45. Ok you ask for my favorite part but I can’t tell you that cause I loved it all. But if I had to say the tent was so good loved Jake when he said that he was hotter then Edward. And poor Edward he looked so lost and hurt. I could have kept him company

  46. The Proposal!!!! Team EDWARD! <3

  47. When Bella jumps off the bed into Edward’s arms after agreeing to marry him! This is one thing the movie had better than the book. Such a great moment for the fandom!!

  48. Bella Loughborough says:

    My favorite scene is the 2nd scene of the movie; with Bella and Edward in the meadow!! SO CUTE!

  49. my favourite moment is when edward kills victoria, its something that for me in the book was such an intense moment.. the culmination of all the moments of fear, hatred, and more come together in that one moment.. when bella describes it as the fight being deadly and that edward could have been kissing her for all she knew because the movements were so hard to decifer. and then she described her head [an orange blur] rolling towards her… seeing THAT on screen was amazing for me.

  50. Charlie stopping the fight between Edward and Jacob

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