Fabulous Twilight Themed Giveaway From Target

We are giving away the following in celebration of the Eclipse DVD release courtesy of Target. Here’s what the giveaway includes according to Target:

This time,  Target wants to give Twi-hards the ultimate Twilight package. One lucky fan of will win everything she needs to host her own “Girl’s Night In,” including:

  • A copy of the Twilight: Eclipse movie right when it comes out
  • The Target exclusive “Bella” bedding from the movie.
  • Target will also include a Remington exclusive printed hair straightener and blowdryer
  • Burt’s Bees manicure set
  • And what’s a girl’s night without munchies? So add in Archer Farms trail mix to ensure a good time is had by all!

So if you would like a chance at the above, just tell us what your favorite moment from the movie Eclipse was and we’ll pick a random person from the comments at 11:59:59 on Saturday night. The giveaway is limited to residents of the United States.

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You can pre-order your Eclipse and DVD’s and Blu-Rays from Target here.


  1. Favorite moment in Eclipse…. This sounds morbid, but it really isn’t supposed to be.
    When Jacob cry/screams when Carlisle is re-breaking his bones to set them. That scream gives me chills EVERY TIME!

  2. my favorite part is when bella cuts herself to save edward from victoria an riley an then he saves her right back now thats true love

    • Jessica Dozier says

      I am also glad they added that into the movie bc in the book it was mainly inner monologue and the fact the she did it ties in with the third wife which wasnt mentioned much but it was nice to see them add that in

  3. My favorite part in eclipse the movie and the book is when Edward proposes to bella…they captured the moment perfectly in the movie!

  4. The leg hitch…definitely

    Closely followed by his asking her to marry him in the meadow at the beginning…

  5. when edward tears victoria’s head off!!!

  6. My favorite moment hmm…Training when Carlisle takes down Edward and Jasper quips “never take your eyes off your enemy.”

  7. Definitely Edward and Jacob’s little “man to man” in the tent 🙂 The proposal was sweet, but I think those two would be a good comedy team!


  9. Nicole Simmons says

    My favorite part was the fight with the newborn army! I love the action!

  10. Fav part of the movie is the proposal scene – it was perfect and matched exactly to how I pictured it – what a great contest – thanks for the chance! samantha(dot)thomson(at)ggp(dot)com

  11. My favorite moment from Eclipse was when Bella sleeps over the Cullen’s house. I also liked when Bella, Edward and Jacob were in the tent together, that was funny yet sexy!

  12. the proposal

  13. my favorite part from eclipse is probably when Edward says to Bella “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” regarding Jacob and his state of perma-nakedness.

    I like it because Edward so rarely gets to show his sense of humor since Bella is always a huge disaster and she stresses him out all the time.


  14. jasper’s flashbacks

  15. My favorite moment is when we get to meet Bree for the first time. She’s exactly how I pictured her in the books! 😀


  17. My favorite moments form the movie is the fight seen between the Cullens and new vampires it was very thrilling <3 I just love that movie plz pic me

  18. the tent scene!

  19. My favorite part in Eclipse is when Edward proposes to Bella in his room. It was almost exactly as it is in the book; always a good thing in book-to-movie adaptations 🙂

  20. The Jacob/Bella kiss….I’m so #TeamJacob!

  21. tent scene

  22. My favorite part in Eclipse was seeing Edward fight for his woman, when Jacob kisses Bella. Possessive Edward is hot! 🙂

  23. My favorite part in the movie was when Bella finally accepted the wedding ring or when her and her dad are in the kitchen “having the talk” and Charlie says “Ahdahdahda” just because it was super funny and the ring it was touching she finally accepted it.

  24. My favorite part of the movie is Rosalie is telling her side of the story. Yes I realize it was kind of a messed up background, but in the book and movie, it helped explain why she is the way that she is. It isn’t just “Oh Rosalie is being mean for no reason,” it’s more like “Okay so there is a reason behind it and yes it explains a lot like the thing with Bella. She doesn’t necessarily hate her but instead a little jealous of her and the ability of her to choose.

  25. My favorite part in Eclipse is the fight training with Carlisle and Edward.

    • Amy Sanders says

      My Favorite part is when Alice and Jasper are practicing the fight sceneand she jumps on his back and kisses him on the lips… even though its supposed to be she fakes biting him 🙂

  26. Holly Heidt says

    Waiting rather impatiently for the Eclipse DVD. I will probably wear it out from repeated viewings-might need to buy a backup. Love the proposal scene-leg hitch included (nice going Slade).

  27. Definitely the scene where Bella tries to seduce Edward and then he is such a gentleman he stops her and proposes!

  28. my absolute favorite is when bella tells jacob to “stay”

  29. BEST MOMENT: The end of the movie, where Bella finally asserts herself and picks her own destiny:

    “This wasn’t a choice between you and Jacob. It was a choice between who I am and who I should be.”

  30. I love the training scene! Great giveaway!

  31. Charlies “sex talk” LOL!

  32. I love the fight with the newborns.

  33. My favorite moment in Eclipse is when Bella asked Jacob to kiss her to keep him from leaving angry about her marrying Edward. You can feel the passion, the love, and you can feel Edwards pain though he knows Bella loves him more. Breath taking scene!!!

  34. Favorite scene, the turning of Riley. I knew from that scene “Eclipse” was going to be a good movie.

  35. My favorite moment… gosh, it is hard to pick but I think it has to be when Bella goes to the Rez for the bonfire and the pack come tumbling out of Emily’s house and talk to Bella. 🙂 It’s so funny and it really shows them acting like brothers and friends. I love it.

  36. Jessica Johnson says

    My favorite Eclipse moment was when Jacob & Bella get back after their first kiss and it looks like Edward is going to kill him and Charlie has to break them up – priceless jealousy that highlights the love triangle perfectly.

  37. I love when Bella decides her destiny and tells Jacob

  38. My favorite part in Eclipse is Bella’s and Charlie’s Sex talk!

  39. My favourite part is when Edward proposes Bella! 🙂

  40. I love when Bella asks Jacob to kiss her 🙂

  41. My favorite scene hmmm…Well of course I absolutely love the whole movie but one of my favorite scenes would have to be Edward and Jacob are talking ot each other in the tent scene…It’s the only time they get a chance to express how they both really feel about her…

  42. My favorite moment in Eclipse was definitely the fight scene at the end. The Cullens were so bad-ass in that movie!!! I loved it!!!

  43. I LOVE the proposal scene…it was closer to the book than most other scenes in the movie….and Edward is so …sigh…so…………

  44. My favorite part was also the tent scene!

  45. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?

  46. My favorite moment by far is the tent scene when Edward and Jacob are having their “heart to heart.”

  47. I loved the scene when Edward confronted Jacob about kissing Bella. It was so intense and hilarious at the same time. Loved Charlie…he made it so much better 🙂

  48. My favorite moment in Eclipse…I have two.
    First is the meadow in the very beginning, when Bella is trying to come up with an excuse not to marry Edward. Second is after fight training, when Jasper tells his story and how he met Alice. I wish we could have seen Alice and Jasper meet in the diner…

  49. My favorite moment in the movie ECLIPSE was when Bella was willing to give herself to Edward and he stopped her. Then proceeded to explain how it should be done, had she lived in his time. To me that is sooo romantic,thoughful, and very respectful. I wish we had more guys like Edward to teach how to really treat a lady. 🙂

  50. My favorite scene is when Jasper is training the Cullen’s for the newborn fight 🙂

    • Rebecca Dewald says

      My favorite scene is when Edward scoops Bella up in a big hug and swings her around after he puts the ring on her finger.

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