James Gandolfini, Not a Twilight Fan, and That’s OK.

In talking with the NY Times, James Gandolfini, gave a great comment on the Twilight Series. Jim for years played the iconic Tony Soprano on the Sopranos.  Every time he did a new project, inevitably the interviewer would ask a Sopranos question. In a way it kind of parallels how no matter what other project they are doing the Twilight cast members always get asked Twilight questions. Not only  that, their co-stars get asked Twilight questions.  Well Jim in his typical no BS style answered the Twilight question proving that sometimes Twilight just doesn’t matter, and it’s OK not to be on the Twilight bandwagon (he stars with Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys)

Q. So, are you a big fan of “Twilight”?

A. Actually I’ve never seen it.

Q. Did you tell Kristen that?

A. Well, she didn’t ask. I don’t think she watched “Sopranos” much.”

See more on the New York Times.

It’s actually kind of refreshing not to see someone just gratuitously become a fan with no other connection. what do you think?


  1. It is nice. There are still people that tell me they justed watched it and most didn’t get it so they want to borrow the books! Now that excites me…cause its like seeing a new fan be born in front of my eyes. lol

  2. Who cares?

  3. I know WHO THE HELL CARES. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t like. People make such a big deal about not being a Twilight fan. I rather hear about who is a Twilight celeb fan.

  4. MeyerVampire says:

    I liked the questions above and I like the answers. You don’t always have to love your co-workers or their previous work. You are working together now, do it and get on with it. There is so much out there that you are aware of without being a part of or a fan of and that’s ok.

  5. I love how James G answers his questions. He’s straight up with no messing around. Probably why he isn’t doing much media for WTTR

  6. SavyTwilighter says:

    cool he likes her for her. and yes it’s ok to not be a Twilight fan. there are obviously plenty of us out there so Kristen and the rest of the cast are not hurting for adoring fans^-^ i wish they would leave Twilight out of their interviews for other projects though. i wanna hear about their new things, not answering for the millionth time how this new character is nothing like their Twilight counter part.

  7. It’s totally fine when someone is not interested in Twilight or decided that they didn’t like it. What I’m sick of are the anti-fans, who sometimes seem to define themselves more by Twilight (in their case, negatively) than even the fans do. This ostentatious Twilight-bashing is most acute in fans of other vampire and horror franchises. Then there are journalists lazily hailing this or that series, film, or book as the ‘anti-Twilight,’ as if it were the antidote.

    • I ws thinking something along those lines. I don’t care when people don’t like the same things that I do. And I don’t care when people doesn’t like Twilight, what bothers me is when people try to make you feel bad for liking Twilight, or making you feel like you are less smart for liking those kind of books or things like that. So, I think it needs all kinds to fill the planet, so every body can like or dislike whatever they want, but without thinking you are better than others for what you like.

  8. His comment was honest and non-offensive, which is cool. He really doesn’t seem like the Twilighter type.

    One that I didn’t care for was one of Kristen’s Adventureland co-stars (can’t remember his name) told MTV Canada that “Twilight sucks ***” with Kristen sitting next to him, which I found inappropriate.

    I kinda think that if you are doing an interview with someone who is a part of a *massive* franchise, then it is to be expected the interviewer will ask that person at least one question about said franchise. Who wouldn’t interview Daniel Radcliffe without asking about the upcoming Harry Potter? Or Daniel Craig and not mention James Bond? It kinda comes with the territoty…

  9. Love his honest response. And didn’t Kristen film WTHR before Twilight? So it’s not like she was well known for it then.

  10. I liked the ease of that interview. Felt like a rainy day conversation, not forced.

  11. RockinRobbin says:

    I think it’s perfectly fine that he’s not a fan of Twilight, because I personally don’t like the sopranos. JMO, but if the writers of that show couldn’t have dropped the f-bomb every 3 seconds, they would not have had any script at all.

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