MTV’s The Buried Life Rob’s Hair Episode Online

Last night, MTV’s  The Buried Life, was all about obtaining a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair. If you aren’t familiar with The Buried Life, it’s like a bucket list of sorts for 20 somethings.

So what did you think of the pursuit of Rob’s hair? How do you think Rob took it?


  1. Without footage I’m NOT buying it!!! It was funny though.

  2. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. I know it was for a show and not the paparazzi. But the fact that they got help from the paps disgusts me. It makes me think of how bad I felt for Rob when that video came out of him pleading with the paps to just let him drive home in peace (he was of course, trying to not lead them to the home he was sharing with Kristen).

  3. only way to know if it is true is if Rob is asked and he says it is. I can see Rob being nice enough to let them have a strand.

  4. Geez. Leave Rob alone. Imagine if everyone went stealing locks of his hair. Poor guy.

  5. I was both creeped out and disappointed that we didn’t see the hair-snipping footage. However, the rest of the episode made up for it. I had no idea that such a positive show existed on MTV.

  6. MariposaAlice says:

    This show is amazing <3 They do something for themselves, then help someone else cross off something on their list. So, yeah, it's like a bucket list. But it's a non-selfish bucket list.


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