100 Monkeys Play in Baton Rouge

The band was at a local Baton Rouge music store where they played to an intimate crowd. See more footage on YouTube The Monkeys are also slated to play other gigs in the Louisiana driving area. Check their website for details.

The cast, which at this point is limited to the Cullens and Taylor Launter, have been spotted in various Baton Rouge locations enjoying the parks, restaurants, health clubs, etc. Eventually Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart are expected in Baton Rogue. Most of the other cast will probably be in Vancouver only.

The Louisiana location is being used for mostly interior shots and Vancouver will be for outdoors.

As of last word they were still looking into filming segments in Brazil, but no exact location or timetable has been established.


  1. anonymous says:

    k stew and rpattz are already here. and i know where they are. 🙂

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