NBC PopcornBiz: Melissa Rosenberg Gets to Expand on Breaking Dawn

MelissaandvolOne of the things that we always look forward to in the Twilight movies is the fact that point-of-view is expanded. The books, other than for one section on Eclipse and one section on Breaking Dawn, are from Bella’s point-of-view. So unless Bella saw something with her own eyes, we only get to hear about it and not really see it.

One of the best scenes in Eclipse, in our opinion, is the battle with the newborns and the fact that we get to see it and not just hear about it.

Melissa Rosenberg talked about this opportunity in Breaking Dawn with NBC’s PopcornBiz:

“I did actually [get to do that], because we got to fill out the story because we’re doing the next two movies,” said Rosenberg. “So there was room to play and expand on some of the characters that Stephanie introduces. That was a lot of fun.”

“It’s a much more grownup movie – It’s an adult story,” the writer said of evolving the franchise beyond its high school origins. “The stakes are raised even higher because it’s not the story of teens. It’s the stories of grownups, so we’re talking about marriage and children and family – and these are pretty grownup things, but sexy.”

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  1. “It’s an adult story.” << Thank you Melissa Rosenberg! 🙂

  2. “but sexy” LOL I knew it! I knew she was going to say that word at least once! She just can’t help it.

  3. I hope it’s stories that would fit in the world and that Stephenie approves of.

  4. I’m so excited! I loved the addition of the newborn fight to Eclipse. I really hope they show Alice and Jasper’s rendevous in South America

    • I wouldn’t want to see Jasper and Alice’s search, because it would ruin the suspense. We’re supposed to believe they’ve abandoned the family. Maybe a flashback after the confrontation with the Volturi?

  5. Maybe a scene of the Voltari plotting against the Cullens. More on Alice and Jasper’s search would be nice too.

  6. Twilight dreamers says:

    Well yeah she had to say sexy, it is, a sexy story

  7. The more I hear about Melissa’s script for these two Breaking Dawn movies, the more excited I get. I can’t wait to see what parts are added that we only speculate about in the books.

    The thing I have been most excited about with Twilight from day 1 reading the book is seeing Bella become a vampire!!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THEIR INTERPERTATION OF WHAT BELLA LOOKS LIKE AS A VAMPIRE!!!!

  8. Expand on the other characters that SM introduces?
    I hope that doesn’t mean less Bella and Edward like Eclipse.

  9. well maybe she just creating hype like eclipse had for action.we can’t believe anything until film is realeased.expanding characters is definitely meant less edward and bella as it was in eclipse.but still thesre is a ray of hope as steph is involved in production.i want to see edward and bella.others can join volturi.i don’t care.

    • i think she will but i am going to b e super happy if i am wrong.

    • I lost my trust to Stephenie Meyer after Eclipse movie when she demanded reshoots for tent scene but was fine with parking lot scene. Remember, the first one had problem with Jacobs hands position (anybody notice his hand??), the second was out of characters but Stephenie was OK with it..

  10. hey maybe some edward and tanya stuff and also denali’s backstory.it will be coll if they add it.

  11. This should mean that we will maybe see Caius’ fight with the real werewolf – when edward reads his thoughts when he reacts to seeing the shapeshifters maybe? That would be an awesome addition.

  12. Mmm… I don’t know… Ms Rosenberg’s already done a mess in the previous 3 movies: 1st twilight- they cut the hell lot of moments, like the meadow (this one I can’t 4give)& added some non sense scenes like the school bus or the green house. 2nd New Moon- IMO, the closest to the book @. 3rd & the worst- Eclipse- Good ppl I swear I’M A TWIHARD!!! but that movie only have the newborn scene battle as a good scene. They totally change Bella & Edward’s personalities. After being so disappointed by Ms Rosenberg, I just don’t believe that she can do better than that… even knowing SM is involved with production, it doesn’t make me believe she’s going to do a great “gran finale”

    • anjalisbet says:

      twilight and eclipse is allot better than new moon, hated new moon the music, colors, the clothes the cuts CW made, MR script was closer to the book and CW removed the scene where E tells B why he left. New moon had a Disney flavor reminded me of high school musical. The indoor sets and sound effect with birds made it fake. Look at the breakup and listen to the crows and owls and twittering and crickets. imdb twilight 5,6 new moon 4,5 eclipse 4,8

      • There’s no way to compare both movies. What I said was about main role caracters, not the quality of the movie. Which btw, Ec is superior but to totally change EXB character… hmmm, no I didn’t like. It felt like watching another movie in the motorcycle scene I was like scrating my head: WTF, is that EC?

        • agree with you totally.bella always looked angry when she was around edward and was like happy with jake.at the end she was like hey i am choosing you because i am not not normal and want to become a vampire.mellisa rosenberg you suck.i really never understand why steph always allow such type of big and stupid changes in her beautiful story.

  13. I reckon they will show more of what the Volturi is up to…I’m sure they will want to do as much with Michael Sheen as they can!

  14. Just make it true to the books and I will be happy. Don’t rewrite anything in the book that is brought to the screen like they did in Eclipse, especially at the end when Bella said she wanted to be a vampire and it had nothing to do with either Edward or Jacob. Becoming a vampire always had EVERYTHING to do with being with Edward and only that, and Bella and Edward had discussed this is the book. The only reason Bella every wanted to be a vampire was so that she could live out eternity with Edward. They just totally rewrote the history of why Bella wanted to be a vampire in Eclipse and that was really a disappointment for me.

    • total true

    • Very true! That scene was added to appease the angry liberal mom’s out there who cried that Bella was a bad role model as she was too dependent on men. It completely changed Bella’s character (and not in a good way) and left me scratching my head. That was by far the worst scene in any of the movies.

      • There were about 5 scenes in the movie that were totally re-written for the screen that were so different from the book, it made me wonder if they even had read the books. I realize screen plays have to leave episodes out of the movie that are in the book, but that does not mean they have to be totally re-written for the screen. First, Bella would never have jumped on that motorcycle and left Edward standing there; secondly, Edward angry with Jacob over his kissing Bella….yes, Edward was angry but by them he was cool, calm, and collected in the book because he was enjoying that Bella was so upset and he made his point with Jacob without the anger (SM had to walk out on the filming of that one); and, of course, that totally re-written ending in the meadow that was not even recognizable with the book. And if SM had not stepped in, they would have done the tent scene with Jacob and Bella not even touching in the sleeping bag, but SM put her foot down on that one. So where Eclipse is some people’s favorite, it was such a disappointment for me. I want to see the books played out, not a totally re-written screen play. I know that everything in the books cannot make it to the screen, but please don’t re-write perfection, especially when you profess to be sticking to the books.

  15. I would like a scene where it shows Irena telling the Volturi about Nessi. That would be kinda cool.

    • That would be good, and I hope that the movie shows the joking between Emmett and Bella after she becomes a vampire; however, that might be more in the 2nd movie. I love the humor in the books that sometimes does not make it to the movies.

  16. Finally it’s been said out loud by Melissa and KUDOS! It’s a adult story! There is no reason why I should feel bad when I don’t take my 7 year old daughter to see these last two movies. Just like with any other adult movie that deals with relationships, marriage, sex and children, this isn’t for kids. Sure maybe teenagers will be allowed to see these with their parents but little girls that scream and cry and (scare the bajeezus)out of Robert and Kristin by asking him to bite them or going into hysterics or even wanting to be vampires, is just a little much.

    They don’t need to see these last two movies and to be quite honest I was hesitant on letting my then 6 year old to see Eclipse because of the darker content. But she did fine with it, but Melissa, Bill and Stephanie are right, this is about ADULT relationships turning, evolving, growing, becoming tumultuous and hostile at times, loving yet scary and the birthing scene alone would say a BIG NO to little kids or pre-teens and even young teens viewing this material on screen.

    I think they should have just went with it and put the rated R on it and left it be what it is in the book. Raw and emotional. NC-17 might be ok but honestly I think someone that is more mature should be the ones watching this movie, not someone who idolizes Hannah Montana one minute and wants to be a Vampire with Edward or a Werewolf with Taylor the next. Sorry just my opinion.

  17. I am very, very concerned about reports that the script is full of sexual banter between many of the characters.


    I would write more but I think I need to throw up/cry.

    • If I remember correctly, SM includes quite a bit of tongue-in-check banter and innuendo in BD. As long as it’s written tactfully, it can be included, retaining SMs humor and adult themes, without being crude.

  18. i actually hope they don’t stick to the book as well as they have previously. For one, we do not need Jacob offering to procreate with bella. Nor do i want to the birth scene to be as disturbing as it was in the book.

    Also, the end “fight” should definitely be changed or at least improved in some way so we actually get a climax for the end of the story.

    Its interesting how many of you didn’t like Bella’s end speech in Eclipse. I think it showed how strong she actually was and although she was becoming a vampire because of edward, she was also doing it because she belongs in that world and although SM didn’t exactly write that in the book, she shows that Bella never fit in with human life and being a vampire was so comfortable for her, it was obviously where she belonged

    • We don’t like Bellas speech because in that way Bellas love toward Edward is undervalued now.

      Seems Melissa cant understand the love between Edward and Bella. Instead she always tries to accentuate friendship with Jacob.

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