Glamour UK: 31 Sexy Vampires

Just in time for Halloween, Glamour UK has released a list of the 31 sexiest vampires of all time. Twilight is heavily represented, but has some notable absenses from the list: Edi Gathegi, Cam Gigadent, Michael Sheen, and Dan Cudmore. Probably no surprise to anyone, Robert Pattinson has come in first.

1. Twilight’s Edward Cullen
Played by: Robert Pattinson
Twilight’s resident Sex God, Robert Pattinson has brought new meaning to the term ‘pale and interesting’. Like all vampires, Edward has a taste for blood, but that’s all too easy to forget when you look at his ripped torso and intense eyes. A thing of beauty…”

Other Twilight cast ranked as follows:

31 Cameron Bright

29 Bryce Dallas Howard/Rachelle Lefevre

27 Charlie Bewley

25 Ashley Greene

24 Peter Facinelli

22 Jackson Rathbone

19 Nikki Reed

17 Jamie Campbell-Bower

10 Xavier Samuel

4 Kellan Lutz

See the full write up on Glamour UK

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  1. LOL I love how they call him a sex god considering he is a virgin until breaking dawn.

  2. yippppp.. :)))

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