HitFix: Kristen Stewart Possible Supporting Actress Oscar

HitFix has an article up on twenty or so actresses they think might score and Oscar nod this year. Kristen Stewart made the list for her performance in Welcome to the Rileys. They list the pros and cons of each actress they list.

Pro: She gives a strong and sympathetic performance as a young hooker who agrees to try and turn her life around under the guidance of a visiting salesman (James Gandolfini).  She also gave a pretty great turn as Joan Jett in “The Runaways” earlier this year and has an impressive resume that has built up goodwill with roles in “Into the Wild,” “The Yellow Handkerchief” and “Adventureland.”

Con: The problem is the movie’s distributor may not send out screeners (a big need for this one) and there’s that “Twilight Saga” elephant in the room.  She might need that series to be over before she’s taken seriously again by the industry.”

There’s some really tough competition on the list with multiple Oscar winners and nominees like Amy Adams, Helena Bonham-Carter, Diane Weist and Sissy Spacek all noted as possible contenders.  Our gut feeling is that Kristen has a real shot of making the nomination list, but actually winning may prove problematic given the probable nomination of Helena Bonham-Carter and the massive amount of Oscar buzz the movie The King’s Speech is getting.

Check out all the contenders on HitFix, it’s a pretty impressive list. Melissa Leo, Kristen’s co-star in Welcome to the Rileys, is also on it, but for a different movie.

Laura was able to see a pre-screening of Welcome to the Rileys last night. We can’t post a review yet because it’s under embargo (we’d love to talk about it because we have lots of good things to say, but that’s the way it goes), but to comment on the HitFix article we can state that we agree completely with the Hit Fix assessment of the pro’s.


  1. I saw your comment on twitter justifying why you were invited to the screening. I don’t think you should have had to do that. You guys follow the careers of the Twilight actors and just as much a right to be there as others. If I was in your shoes, I sure as hell would have tried to get into that screening as well.
    You guys do a good job of staying out of gossip and just reporting news.
    Thanks for being here

    • Twilight_News says:

      Unfortunately I felt compelled to respond and post this http://www.twitlonger.com/show/6g36ek after witnessing a campaign of people telling the movie’s producer on Twitter that we were a Kristen hate site.

      Apparently, some people feel us not posting every every Kristen article, jumping onboard Robsten vs Nonsten,and defending every rumor du jour= Kristen hate. They also seem to think we post lots of Rob articles and ignore Kristen–laughable when we didn’t post a single Water for Elephants or Bel Ami article other than to mention that they were filming them. We did the same mention for On the Road, but apparently it skipped their notice. They are also POed because we didn’t do constant blog posts about the Runaways hitting DVD. We mentioned it once, just like we did for Remember Me when it hit DVD.

      • Well, I stay out of the drama. I just saw your tweet and thought it was weird that you guys are put in that position. Seems a lot of immaturity in the fandom sometimes.
        Lexicon is a good twilight site that stays out of the gossip and that is the way it should be. Thanks for that.

      • I stand by you as well! One of the main reasons I come back to this site every day is that you stay away from all the rumors, papparazzi photos, gossip, etc. I think you post equally about Rob and Kristen, and I don’t feel any favoritism from you at all. I like the objective focus you guys have. Keep up the good work and while there might be some out there that complain, there are many more of us (less vocal because we’re not complaining) that love you! 🙂

  2. I do agree with the pros Kristen was amazing in this movie and the Runaways .. I think she always shows her acting potential and in WTTR she explosion of emotions what I don’t agree is the with the Twilight saga she is not looked as a serious actor , please stop hating so much her acting in the saga also shows her acting skills to say that she carries the movie is a understatement .

  3. i would be so happy to see kristen get nominated! she deserves to be recognized

  4. maybe someone should tell this person that anna kendrick was also in twilight and she got a nod last year! so obviously the industry is not looking down on people who are in twilight!

  5. Don’t understand the comment they made that Twilight would be an “elephant in the room” as they put it. That’s ridiculous. When they judge an actor or actress, its supposed to be based solely on the work at hand, not other movies. And also, I’m really sick of people acting as if being in Twilight is some horrible atrocity. Critics’ superior attitudes really get to me.

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      And bad acting gets critics… Listen folks, critics don’t care about fandom and such. They judge a movie and consequently actors/actresses by how well it was written/directed/acted… While the Twilight cast is very talented, I readily admit that most of the Saga hasn’t really utilized them to the best of their potential… granted that has less to do with them, as it does the writer/director/producer. So stop trashing critics because you don’t like what they say. It’s life. I don’t care if they like them or not. I don’t base what I see on what they say.

      So has the Twilight Saga been some of Kristen’s best work… no. I’m sure Kristen would probably show some of her other work, to show off her skills, over that of which she did in Twilight. The article wasn’t trashing Twilight, but stating that if she was to get an Oscar nod, the Twilight saga could hurt her, because she was not at her best… And that is true.

      • I disagree with you when you say Kristen was not at her best in the Twi movies. Because she was!

        • From an acting standpoint, no, it was not her best work. I would say “Speak” or “Panic Room”. Although I haven’t seen “Welcome to the Rileys” or “The Yellow Hankerchief” and from the looks of it her acting is pretty good in those movies. People are so totally subjective when it comes to the Twilight movies. But just because it’s Twilight, does mean that the acting is phenominal.

          • Kristen was very good in New Moon. The Eclipse script/storyline didn’t give her much room to show her acting abilities. I’m totally crossing my fingers for great acting in BD especially on Robert and Kristen’s parts.

  6. I hope she gets nominated for an oscar!!

  7. RockinRobbin says:

    Since when is the Twilight saga ‘the elephant’ in the room? Is the Harry Potter series an elephant in the room for the actors involved in it? Just goes to prove one rule I follow, if the critics rave about it, it usually sucks, if they trash it, by all means, go see it! After all they love some of the dumb and dumber movies that are made that you nearly have to be brain dead to sit thru.

  8. I do agree. I don’t really care if she’s nominated or not but Anna Kendrick was REALLY good in Up in the Air. I saw it. That’s why they picked her to play that part because she was great. Kirsten on the other hand doesn’t try her best when acting in Twilight. So that may affect her in this new movie. If she’s not beliveable.

    • I could not disagree with you more. Kristen has been awesome in all of the Twi movies. Especially in New Moon, the emotion she showed. Heart wrenching! I love all of her acting. She deserves to be recognized.

    • Adrianna, you are a complete idiot.
      “She doesn’t try her best..” uh, and you know that how? Have you seen any of her movies apart from the Twilight ones?
      Get your head outta your ass. You need a smack around the head.
      Kristen is an amazing actress.

  9. Kathy Robinson says:

    I saw WTTR in Boston and she definitely should get at least a Golden Globe nomination. Beyonce got one for Dreamgirls and Kristen is wayyyyy better than that in WTTR. I am happy you got to see it and look forward to your review. Kristen is also on awards daily as a possibility. She is VERY believable in this role. It couldn’t have been easy to act with such heavyweights as Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini at the tender age of 18. Deadline predicted that WTTR might be nominated for Independent Spirit before Oscar. Kristen does not do her best work in Twilight but she along with Billy Burke and Anna Kendrick stand out among the bad writing. She holds the movies together for people that don’t read the books.

    I’m a Twilight mom in my 30’s and I haven’t always been pleased with how the books were converted to film, but I am very happy that CH had the keen insight to cast Kristen as Bella. I have been telling my friends for years that Kristen is one to watch and they believe me after seeing this movie. I love Anna Kendrick but Kristen’s performance in Rileys and The Runaways were more difficult to pull off. HitFlix is pretty good at predicting these things. I hope Twilight won’t hold Kristen back because she deserves good things. I’m very proud of her. Let us know when you post your review ladies.

    • Gigi Cullen says:

      Kathy- I am with you all the way. I don’t have to say anything because you said it perfectly. Even the 30’s Twilight mom(actually 40’s). Yep everything you said is true. Thanks

  10. Sorry but Kirsten Stewart is not an oscar potential. I mean she´s an okay actress but nothing more and nothing less. I do think that if she would be nominated (which I highly doubt) I think that it would be a very slim chance that she would win. Concerning the other potentials. Sorry but that´s the ugly truth. The fact is that Kirsten can be very dull, like there is sometimes lack of emotion and I think that she has to work on that and also speech thecniques. I hate actors who can´t make use of the dialouge their given so personally I don´t see a oscar potential in Kirsten.

    • She CAN be Oscar-worthy– it’s one of the things I like about Kristen’s acting–that is, she is not acting. It’s just so real to me. I somehow feel that she doesn’t become the character, instead the character becomes her. It’s weird but I really like it.

  11. Kristen is an amazing actress. She portrayed a rape victim to perfection in Speak, she never left character in The Cake Eaters, I was able to sympathsize with her character in Adventureland even while she carried on the affair with a married man and she was amazing as Joan Jett. I am looking forward to seeing Welcome To The Rileys. I hope the industry continues to offer her challenging roles because she is definitley someone who has staying power in this industry. She is a young actress who is real, down to earth and who stays true to herself- not many in like her in Hollywood. If the Twilight series did not damge Rob’s future, why should it damage hers?

  12. pooja prabhu says:

    kristen TRULY deserves an oscar. i mean, she iz great in every movie she acts and she looks d part. dat iz why i think she truly deserves it.

  13. The words ‘Kristen Stewart’ and ‘Oscar’ should never be uttered in the same sentence. Kristen is the weak link in the Twilight cast and, yes, I have seen her in other stuff and she plays herself over and over again. That’s not stretching her abilities nor acting. Her acting method in all the movies I’ve seen of hers is: bite lip, blink, stutter, gasp, run hands through hair, repeat. I think the only movie she didn’t do that in was Zathura, but she was a statue most of the time.

    People talk about all her years in the biz and after all those movies, you would think she would have improved.

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