Eclipse Soundtrack and Solo Artists Up For American Music Awards

The Eclipse Soundtrack is nominated in the Best Soundtrack category up against Glee and the Iron Man Soundtrack for the 2010 American Music Awards. Soundtrack artists Muse and Vampire Weekend are also nominated in the Alternative Rock category.

Votes are being tallied. According to the site, “Cast your votes for the 2010 American Music Awards! Make your picks in all 19 categories before voting ends on Friday, November 12, 2010. The winners will be revealed live during the 2010 American Music Awards on SUNDAY NOV 21 8|7c.”

Vote for the Eclipse Soundtrack here

Vote for Muse and Vampire Weekend here.

Via MSN Twilight Blogger


  1. I’m sorry to to say this, but Eclipse isn’t going to beat Glee

    • Joshua Roberts says

      Correction… Eclipse shouldn’t beat Glee… however, if certain fans (and you know who you are) who vote for Twilight just for the sake of Twilight, I’m sure Eclipse will dominate, even though Glee is far superior, this time around. I have the album, and Eclipse while having a few good songs, doesn’t make my fav top 10 albums…

  2. How is glee better than eclipse? I swear people don’t like good music anymore. I just don’t understand why people like glee so much.

  3. Joshua Roberts says

    Metric’s song and Muse’s song were the only songs that I liked out of the whole album. In truth I liked New Moon’s album a lot better.

    I liked most of the songs on Glees…

  4. Twilight9009 says

    I think the Eclipse soundtrack is very good, but I can’t say I would be disappointed if Glee wins. I can’t choose between them to be honest. The Twilight Saga movies are some of my favorite films and Glee is one of my favorite tv shows.

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