Maggie Grace Co-Stars in Faster

If you want to see Maggie Grace on the big screen before Breaking Dawn you have a chance in November when Faster open. Maggie Grace Co-stars along with Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock).

According to Collider:

“Dwayne Johnson is looking to push into more action after a slew of kid-friendly flicks and CBS Films’ Faster is his re-entry into the genre. George Tillman, Jr. (Soul Food, Barbershop) will direct the hard-nosed revenge flick, written by Joe and Tony Gayton (Bulletproof). The flick has already received an R rating and the new clip certainly shows its violent and sexy side.”

Maggie appears prominently starting at the 1:24 mark through the end. The trailer has been rated R for violence. Personal opinion, nothing too, too gory but certainly images of violence involving guns and a knife, so click at your own risk.


  1. Wow, that movie looks….awful.

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