Kellan Lutz at the Sitges Festival 2010

Last year Jamie Campbell-Bower attended the Sitges Festival and got a warm welcome. This year. Kellan Lutz wowed the crowd speaking a little Spanish and talking about the films and himself. Shout out to our friend Javier from Crepusculo who we are pretty sure based on the fuzzy images was one stage doing the Q&A! Back in 2006 there were only three sites other than MySpace that were large that covered Twilight: The Lexicon, Twilighers Italia, and Crepusculo. They also had a follow up interview with Kellan that you can find here.


  1. I love this festival, it’s almost the only opportunity we have here in Spain to see any Twilight actor. Last year it was Jamie Campbell Bower, I went and loved him, and this year I got Kellan’s authograph. Thumbs up at the Sitges Film Festival!

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