Melissa Rosenberg on New Yorker Vampire Panel

melissa-rosenbergheadshotAs part of the annual New Yorker Festival run by the magazine of the same name, Melissa Rosenberg sat on a panel with other authors who have penned or adapted vampire fiction. Fellow panelists included Stephen King who created controversy last year for comments made on the Twilight Series.

“These vampires are lost souls, Carroll said, the type that women long to make their “projects.” The sex, King pointed out, is invariably adolescent—“they just want to bite the girl’s neck”—and Rosenberg elaborated: the self-loathing Edward from “Twilight” is “actually very safe, because of his own morality.” King asked if there was a parallel between maintaining abstinence and not wanting to suck her blood? Rosenberg didn’t miss a beat: “Absolutely.”


  1. Edward overcoming his self-hatred through Bella’s love is key to the series, which is why Midnight Sun is my second favorite of the books after Breaking Dawn. (Will we ever see it in print?)

    It’s interesting that Matt Reeves, director of Let Me In, was on that panel. Let Me In is tanking at the box office, but I think it’s a movie that some Twilight fans will appreciate and they might want to give it a chance.

    I am so sick of other vampire books and movies being hailed as the ‘anti-Twilight,’ as if there were room for only one interpretation of vampires. That’s been the case with Let Me In too, but don’t hold that against it.

  2. TYVM you’ve solved all my poblrems

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