FOX: Robert Pattinson Wants His own Production Company

Fox talked to Robert Pattinson about his future plans in the entertainment industry.

“Many actors and actresses in Hollywood, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts have started their own production companies, and have produced and nurtured movies and television shows which they want to star in and/or feel passionate about.”

There is an audio interview with Rob talking about his future found here.


  1. That’s cool !

  2. Excellent! Remember Me was excellent! Maybe he’ll remake Twilight :~)

  3. Fantastic, About Time ! This is an old interview of Rob, but it is good it is back again, as maybe this is his time now to go ahead with it. Rob is being intellegent, soulful and discerning in his movie and script choices that he is making now. If his own production company holds the same standards to produce, nuture and have artistic passion in movies and tv shows that he holds, then this will be truely a monumental move and about time for Hollywood. Finally we can go back to seeing a movie, instead of going to see a product placement show. Way to go Rob, you are one of a kind!!!

  4. This would only bring more integrity to film making – while there are some really great movies, there’s too much mindless drek. Sometimes the best movies don’t get made cuz they’re afraid they won’t make gazillions of dollars. Good for Rob, I hope he does it!

  5. I swear, he gets sexier everyday.

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