Kellan Lutz Talks About Animal Love to Sky Showbiz

Kellan might not be a vegetarian, but he definitely supports PETA’s responsible pet ownership causes.


  1. While PETA certainly does a lot of good things, this organization certainly has a darker side. I’ve had supporters send me death threats when I use to own cows, for simply owning them. There are some unfortunate wack jobs that abuse funding to support crazy agendas, such as canine liberation (in which they force pet owners to “free” their dogs. In our area, I’ve seen PETA bill boards that equate to eating meat as murder and the “silent genocide”. I know Kellen is NOT like this, but I certainly wish he chose a better organization than them. Personally I will NEVER support PETA…

    • I agree with you. When I saw that he was getting an award from them the other day I was thinking, “Oh no, not him too!” There are other animal protection organizations that aren’t as extreme as PETA consistently proves itself to be. Of course Mr Lutz can support whatever group he wants to, but I’m really surprised that we haven’t heard of some kind of uproar from PETA enthusiasts over his eating of meat. I’d guess that its only a matter of time. (On another note, “responsible pet ownership causes”? I’m pretty sure that PETA don’t want there to be ‘ownership’ over any type of animal. Remember, judge a man by his actions, not what he says.)

  2. Ahhh Kellan, you’re my hero!!! And good for you Pamela and Mea. It’s so easy to hate PETA. And, there are so many “front” organizations who do not want PETA’s message validated because it cuts into their profits. Really do some research before you talk about PETA. PETA is considered “extreme” because they take steps to “wake people the hell up”. And, go ahead “hate” on me, I’m like Kellan and Pam and Mea and Christian Serrantos and hundreds of thousands of others who just care about putting an end to animal suffering and supporting PETA is a great way to help. Period.

    • I’m all for putting an end to “animal” suffering. I’m all for people being responsible for their pets and treating like living creatures as opposed to objects of possession. Shoot, I can’t even watch Animal Cops because it is too depressing for me. I grew up on a farm and I love my critters, HOWEVER, I’ve seen first hand the fruits of some of PETA’s actions. You don’t think they’re full of wackjobs… then you just wait to get death threats from their activists. We’ve had restaurants vandilized in the name of “animal” liberation. I don’t support PETA, because while there are honestly good people in their fold, there are a lot of really bad people, who have a seriously warped idea of saving animals.