Behind the Scenes With Hillywood’s New Moon Parody

The Hillywood Show just posted a bunch of unofficial behind the scenes looks at their New Moon Parody shoot that took place in Forks Washington and in Las Vegas in early spring 2010. The videos are rough cuts shot by fans who were present. The Hillywood Show will eventually have it’s own version online. They have about half a dozen of the fan shot videos up, but the one below is our favorite featuring Hilly Hindi (Bella) and Kyle (Jacob) suffering for their art. The air temp was approximately 30 degrees when the footage was shot.

Jen from our staff was fortunate enough to be present for part of the Hillywood Show’s upcoming Eclipse parody shoot. Once they launch their new parody in 2011, we will bring you some really cool behind the scenes glimpses.

Check out the rest of the New Moon and Twilight outtakes here.


  1. I thought The Hillywood Show said the new vid will be out this fall now 2011.