Mackenzie Foy as Renesemee?

According to Entertainment Weekly, nine-year-old actress Mackenzie Foy is all but signed on the dotted line as Renesmee. EW has an excellent track record when it comes to casting stories so we are going to tend to believe this one.

According to EW

“It’s not yet clear how the diminutive actress, who’s appeared in one episode each of television shows FlashForward and ‘Til Death, will portray the character who ages a full 17 years in only seven. Sources have suggested that director Bill Condon will employ similar digital effects to those used by David Fincher in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where Foy’s face would be digitally transferred onto the face of a younger child. It’s also probable that the studio will hire a younger child in some capacity, too.”

One YouTuber, who either has ESP or an incredibly good eye, put together this Mackenzie montage about two weeks ago.

Sheer volume seems to have shut down the actress’ website which is now stating that it is on hiatus.

UPDATE: Moviehole is “confirming” this news from a Summit contact, but there is still nothing we’ve seen as being officially from Summit.  We will let you know if or when we hear an official announcement.

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  1. ok just one question when shes delievered shes a baby little new born baby so how will that work. why cant they just cgi it.

    • I would hate it if they used CGI for Renesmee.

    • Her hair color is perfect. I’m sure she’d be the ‘last’ Renesmee – the one that is holding onto Jake Wolf and Bella & Edward are facing the Volturi. I’m guessing they’ll need 3 Renesmee’s – right? Baby, 3 or 4 year old and that kid?

  2. Yeah I just don’t really understand why they would cast a 9 year old?

  3. She sure is a pretty little girl. She looks like what you’d get if Rob and Kristen had a perfect child. Good find!

    • She obviously got Kristen’s eyebrows. 🙂

    • Yeah, I agree. She is very pretty & kind of what I pictured when I imagined Renesemee as she got a little older. But I do wonder how they will pull of Renesemee when she first comes into the world but like Adrielle, I’m staying positive.

  4. cute girl.perfect for little older renesmee.

  5. Very pretty girl! I wonder how will they pull this off, but I’m staying positive.

    • Twilight dreamers says

      Coo! she looks just like I would imagine a baby Edward! 😀 with the effects i think it could be pulled off very good! Yay for a pretty Renesmee!

  6. If you read above in the article it’s mentioned how Bill Condon might do the digital effects like the ones used in the movie Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt. So, I can see Mackenzie playing Renesmee with using the digital effects to use her face and her talent for the role. She may not physically be in the role at all times, but her look is perfect for the part. I’ve never seen or heard of her before, but assuming she’s a good little actress; you have the perfect person playing Renesmee.

  7. Based on the report,I don’t think we’ll see all of Maggie on screen,but just her faced super imposed onto the toddler they choose as the Renesmee body double. It worked perfectly in Benjamin Button and looked seamless,that the “seven year-old” Benjamin was able to walk with Brad Pitt’s face. So that means Maggie will record Nessie’s dialouge and then the animators will tranfer her face to the child double. I can’t wait to see how Renesmee looks onscreen,because the description of her growth in the novel is very complicated.

  8. That said about my confusion on how they’re going to pull off using a 9 year old, I REALLY see Renesmee when I look at that second picture of her.

  9. She is very beautiful little girl for Renesmee! Can’t wait for the Movie!

  10. She is very cute, could definitely pass for a child of theirs. She is sort of old, I can’t see her hanging on Bella’s back/sitting on her shoulders in the clearing scene….Hmmmm I am sure it will work out, I just can’t visualize it. Good Find.

  11. “It’s not yet clear how the actress…will portray the character who ages a full 17 years in only seven…” Um…EW does realize this aging 17 years in only seven doesn’t actually HAPPEN in the books, right? Renesmee is still at toddler at the end of BD…I don’t expect them to make that big a leap from the book to the screen. I mean, Melissa Rosenberg has *cough* changed *cough* the books in other “made-up-stuff” ways but that’s a bit of a stretch, even for her.

  12. She looks perfect! Exactly what I had pictured when I think of Renesmee.

  13. I’m confused. Renesmee doesn’t age a full 17 years in the books. They only have to show her until she’s like around the size of a 3 year old I thought.

    • I have to agree with you. If he ages her past a 3 year old, he’ll be aging her too quickly and outside the realm of the books. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but this does give me pause.

    • TRUE!
      cute kid, but I think they would do better with a man-made child, because of her perfection of beauty. (do not think you can find someone that beautiful)

    • wait im confused what about the 17 years huh??? i dont really remember nessie speaking to much am i wrong i thought she used her mind ….well whatever they choose to do..

  14. She is adorable! She looks perfect for the role, though I’m interested to see how they’ll pull off the aging thing.
    I’m sure glad it’s already been done in Benjamin Button or we’d be hearing a looooot of outcry from the fandom right now 😉

  15. I think that she is beautiful and just perfect for Renesmee.

  16. They say it on too–,,20429703,00.html

    I think her looks are perfect for Bella and Edward’s daughter. Lets hope her acting is just as good!

  17. She is STUNNING! I think she is perfect!

  18. She looks very small for a nine year old – and with the right make-up she could look younger naturally. I am sure they are going to use CGI and Benjamin Button technology for all the early stuff, but it makes a lot of sense to me that they would cast an older actress to handle the depth of this role.

  19. Joshua L. Roberts says

    Jacob Black…will be proud. 🙂

  20. I think she looks like Renesemee as I pictured her in my head. She looks much younger than 9 in those pics, so I think she may be able to pull it off…

  21. I just re-read Breaking Dawn and I’m not sure why people are saying there’s a lot of depth to the role. Renesmee barely talks. She mostly sits in in people’s arms and holds her hands to their faces to communicate. I don’t know why they would cast someone so old. I’m honestly disappointed they didn’t find someone at least younger than five or six.

    That said, this actress looks small for her age, so maybe she can pull it off, with a little CGI help. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but am warning them now that I’ll be disappointed if Renesmee isn’t portrayed mostly as a toddler.

    • I completely agree with you. She looks too old… it looks like she even has her adult teeth in now. I think there are some pictures in that montage where she still has her baby teeth and she ould have looked more the part at that point in her life. Hopefully the CGI works out. Also, I was picturing someone with naturally curly hair.

  22. She is perfect! I always thought my grandniece would be perfect but she’s only 2 1/2 She looks just like a younger version of Miss Foy!

  23. I think if they use her she will be really good for the part as far as the looks go. As for the birth scene they might use CGI or something else and use this little girl for later on as the article suggested, they may also use a doll or something. I don’t know but anyway I am confident they will end up doing the right thing knowing how much is riding on all of it.

  24. Bella gives Renesemee age as 5yo for the passport and knew that was older than really looked at the time. I’m a bit concerned with a 9yo playing a child that looks about 3-4yo. Wouldn’t she be too tall, too big? I would think a 5-7 yo actress on the small size could pull off the snow/hunting scene where Irina sees her/Jacob/Bella and the confrontation with Volturi. Is Kristen going to be able to carry this 9yo actress on her back as in the books? or are they not going to do that? Her face is very much in keeping with Renesemee.

    • I agree with you. She definitly looks the part, but seems a little old for the part. And everyone seem to not realize that her birthday is november 10, meaning she’ll be a ten year old playing a four year old. Seems like a bit of a stretch. So they must be planning on using a couple of different aged girls and doing the benjamin button technique. And I also get the feeling they’re going to get “creative” and have renesmee age a lot further in the movie than she does in the book. It’s not like they haven’t changed so many other things.

  25. She is perfect! Those pictures actually give me a little hope that it’s not going to look awfull as I’ve always thought after reading BD.
    I thought they could never find a real actress to play Rennesmee but she looks exactly like the Rennesmee in my head. She has the most amazing eyes. They immediately reminded me of Edward (since he had green eyes before he was changed). But Rennesmee has brown eys, so she probably has to wear lenses anyway.

  26. I have always felt that the most challenging thing in BD was casting Renesmee and how to pull that off. This little actress certainly has the perfect look, beautiful, mesmerizing, enchanting, and she has to be “older” than her years, so maybe the fact that she is small and yet is 9 years old will work and maybe they’re going to “age” her even faster, closer to 5 or 6 when she faces the Volturi. Going to be interesting to see how they handle it. Still staying positive…so far.

  27. she actually kinda looks a little like Rob and a little like Kristen, all thats missing is brown contacts and shes set! so cute!

  28. I totally love this little girl for Renesmee! Granted that at the end of the book she’s supposed to look around 4-ish, but the girl’s face is perfect! They can’t use a normal toddler b/c the book says that Renesmee has unnatural focus & intelligence, and even though she only speaks a little, her voice & pronunciation is not that of a toddler either. In the book she reads poetry for cryin’ out loud! So a toddler definitely couldn’t pull that off. Plus, she is also described in the book by Bella as not having a toddler’s body, but being rather slender, like a small version of an adult. So I really think they’re doing a great job by picking this little girl as Renesmee if they’re going to do the “Benjamin Button” thing anyway. They have everything they need to produce the perfect Renesmee, let’s hope that that’s the case… or I at the very least will be very disappointed, as well as other twi-fans i’m sure.
    Wonderful job on this rare find people!!!

  29. i like the girl is beautiful but i really want to see a 3 years old nessie, she can use her gift as comunication she only have like three lines (except of corse the chat she have whit Aro) but still a man-made nessie still seems a good idea

  30. I actually always thought Suri Cruise would make a good Renesemee

  31. wow shes perfect!
    this is prolly the first and only time a casting/casting rumor has been exactly how i pictured it.
    its too good to be true

  32. Twilibrarian says

    MacKenzie has Kristen Stewart’s pout! Perfect. While she looks older than Renesmee, she is tiny. It is easier for an older actress to act younger, than vice versa. I would imagine she will be fine as the body double for the Benjamin Button CGI effects. While Suri Cruise might look more the part age-wise, she probably couldn’t pull off the acting necessary due to her age. (Plus you’d have a stage mom and dad hovering. Not a good thing.)

    I sincerely hope Condon uses a real infant during the birth scene. I think that is vital to the part; CGI the teeth like a real baby, and just a few. I don’t want to see Renesmee wearing dentures at her birth. Just those cute little baby teeth when they first come in. A live baby gives the actors something better to play off, than a green screen CGI model. Real babies are unpredictable; none of the Cullens or Jacob know what to expect. Start casting those multiples now! No matter how good the CGI,it’s still CGI.

  33. This little girl is beautiful and putting Rob next to her, there is a lot of similarity. I am really hoping that they use CGI and effects like some people say they used in Benjamin Button and not mess with the role. I am really hoping they don’t try to “fine tune” Renesmee to make her something completely different than in the book. I am being positive since they won’t do anything without Stephenie’s knowledge this time around.

    The little girl is lovely though. I am getting excited, even though it’s still a year away!

  34. Aww she’s beautiful! Just how I pictured Renesemee. She totally looks like she could be Bella and Edwards baby girl.

  35. She is so perfect!!! I’m excited to see what happens with the whole cgi thing. Keeping my fingers crossed that they do it really well. 🙂

  36. It says the girl needed dancing skills? Oh god no! Please lord don’t let there be a cheesy Dance number!

  37. soo ii thiink shes cute for renesmee but please tell she shes going to get brown contacts so hair dye and curls then shes b perfect

  38. She is super, super cute….and she is exactly what I picture Reneesme looking like–a year after the book ends!

    Reneesmee is supposed to look like a tall 3yr old or small 4yr old by the end of Breaking Dawn when having her passport made so I don’t see how any 9 year old could pull that off…this isn’t about a 25 yr old playing an 18 yr old. Kids are harder to fake “younger” than they really are.

    But this girl is perfect otherwise….

  39. Beautiful child, if she can act, she’s perfect.

  40. Just a reminder – they may very well be planning to use a real baby in the birth scenes – but they could hardly cast that child yet, as they’ll need one so young that at this point in time, she can’t be born yet. 😉 (Unless they filmed the birth scene as the first thing in November, but I think that’s hardly likely.)

  41. Sorru to disapoint those who think that CGI won´t be neccesary for Renesmee but when you think of it there is no other way. How on earth could it be possible to use nothing but actors for that kind of role when normal children can´t possibly grow like that? I mean we´re talking about a kid who looks like she´s two and acts like seven. I actually am afraid that the whole Renesmee thing will be quite absurd in a movie, not just the physicalitys but the whole idea. I wish that they could make the movie minus Renesmee and that absurdity. But that´s just my opinion.

  42. she’s a very pretty girl, and looks exactly right for the part. but i think she’s to old. in the book renesmme is like only a toddler at most. not sure what they are talking about on her ageing a full 17yrs, this doesnt happen in the book, and i think they would be making a big mistake if they put that on the film.

  43. I Think She’s Perfect For The Last Renesmee And The Scene In The Tent, Because She Has To Be Able To Speak Properly And Look Old Enough And Be Quite Slight 😀

  44. She’s so cute! She has Edward’s charp cheek bones and eyes between brown end green (E’s green &B’s brown eyes yay). I already imagin her CGIed into a baby or a grown up girl. Well her teeth are …well… sth like nessy (the teeth baby) and her voice is just so lovely (I imagin her saying “mama” to Bella… They are really good at casting at Summit.

  45. I hope they use no computer stupidness that will look awful. Just use different actresses or change things a little with the story.


  47. Hey guys! This whole commotion with the 9-yr-old playing a 3-4 yr old has already been cleared up in the article itself, so why are so many of you still wondering how they will pull it off? The article clearly said that they will “most likely” use super imposing(the effect in benjamin button) to use mackenzie’s face, and voice on a younger actress..

    Someone also said they should use pure CGI for renesmee because they didn’t think a person that beautiful coud be cast..Do you not think mackenzie is gorgeous? she is perfect for the role..and if you remember right they also described the cullens as being radiantly beautiful..would you want them to be CGI too?…

    As for the birth scene issue..I’m not sure if you guys read stephenie Meyer’s transcripts of the interviews she does every so often but in there stephenie mentioned that she thinks the birth scene will be a lot like the scene in Twilight where bella began changing after being bitten by it was all her perspective and everything in the backround was blurry..therefore a baby may not even be seen in that scene because bella does not see renesmee until after the birth/1st hunting.

    Also someone said something about renesmee not speaking much in the books..this is true but i think the addition of a voice to the images would be nice instead of just seeing a flash of images in 3 seconds and not getting/remembering what renesmee was saying in that scene/part of the book..

    okay enough said but i think ms.Foy is Perfect and I am extremely excited to see the movie..Good Luck Bill!!

  48. Probably just so when she walks/runs she isn’t stumbling all over the place like a real litte kid would (grace and balance, I guess.)
    But I agree… no cheesy dances. 🙂


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