Maggie Grace Cast as Irina in Breaking Dawn

Gossip Cop has the scoop. Given the description it has to be Irina.

“Her “Twilight Saga” character is a member of the Denali coven who blames the Cullen clan for the death of her lover.”

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Most people will probably remember Maggie from LOST where she starred as Shannon.


  1. Twilight dreamers says

    Looks like Irina

  2. That’s so funny they chose her…she’s from Columbus, OH as am I and Esme! 🙂

  3. Works for me! 😀

  4. Catherine Elizabeth says

    When I saw this I was like, of course.. Another good choice. She will do the angry vampire well…

  5. OOOOOHHHHH!!! Yay!

    Everytime they release a new person on cast, I get so excited!!!

    Puts us that much closer!!

  6. Her acting was TERRIBLE in “Taken” but I’ve heard good things about her in Lost.

    I wonder who’s going to play Tanya, or if they’re even going to do anything with that character considering they completely ignored Tanya in Eclipse.

    • I think it will be interesting to see how the Denali Clan will be worked in to BD since it has so far been ignored in the films.

  7. The perfect Denali blond!

  8. I’m excited! She’s fabulous! Although, I’m sad that she’s playing a character that dies… again.

  9. dancerattwilight says

    I have to say I am pretty excited about this one. 😀

  10. I’ve never seen her in anything before, but she looks the part! It’s great we’re starting to get all this info on the cast!

  11. Awesome pic Summit. Love Maggie Grace from her LOST days.

  12. definitely, definitely see this casting as pretty spot on. Was exciting when I heard about this today!

  13. I love her because of LOST but I wish they picked someone that looked more Slavic… that was my main criteria.

  14. i wonder who will play tanya?

  15. I thought she was good in Taken actually. And for some reason I pictured her blacked haired but she would of been a good Rosalie too.
    I can’t wait to see who they get for Garrett and the other clans.

  16. i am curious as to whether they are gonna write the denailis as cousins to the cullens or will they actually mention the whole “tanya wanted edward” thing?

  17. Woot… She’s gonna die for blaming the Cullens…..

  18. lol. boone and shannon are vampires.

  19. She looks more like a Kate or a Tanya than an Irina. I always pictured Irina with dark hair. Is it time for another lousy wig?

  20. switzy4ever14 says

    i don’t know her, but any kind of casting news excites me. just 412 days you guys!

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