Jackson Rathbone Gets Starstruck By Hilary Swank

Add Hillary Swank to the list of Twilight savvy celebs at the Toronto International Film festival. Jackson is seriously star struck and adorable in this video.



  2. Haha. xD

    I wish Twilight Lexicon had a ‘like’ button on each blog-thing.

  3. It looks like Jackson got a haircut. I like it.

  4. I love him!! he’s so awesome!!

  5. What a cute video. The look on Jackson’s face when Hilary pretends to bite him is priceless.

  6. hahaha that was adorable

  7. That was cute. Now, if HE bit ME, I’d die happy haha.

  8. Absolutely Brilliant!! Gotta love the guy he is soooo awesome <3 x

  9. Ohhhh!!!! How I wish I was Hillary!!!!

  10. How cute was that? To know that they get star struck just like us..lol he was blushing! Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t stop grinning..

  11. What a cute, charming, fun guy. Damn, he is hot!!!

  12. omg jackson got a haircut and look very yummy haha very sexy that way hahaha I love him he is so cute

  13. She is awesome in whatever roles she plays. Good Work!

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