UK Telegraph: Kristen Stewart on the Runaways and Twilight

Hard to believe but The Runaways has only just hit over in the UK.  It goes to show how frequently the production companies and US distributors have no real control as far as making sure things come out on similar dates overseas. Kristen Stewart recently did some UK press and mentions Twilight. (photo credit: Tina Gill)

“It’s tough being Kristen Stewart. Her performance as the indecisive, lip-biting heroine, Bella Swan, in the Twilight films has seen the 20-year-old American actress emerge as a rather reluctant poster-girl for 21st-century teenage angst.

She has lived out much of her teens under the media spotlight: she had just turned 17 when she made the first Twilight film and, on its release, became an overnight sensation.

Meanwhile, Stewart’s on-screen (and off-screen) relationship with her co-star Robert Pattinson has turned her into a regular on the covers of gossip magazines.

It’s not surprising that she has struggled to cope with the media attention, and her discomfort when dealing with interviewers has opened her up to accusations of being surly and defensive. I have not found her so on the previous occasions we have spoken.

She can be unnervingly silent – she thinks carefully about each question and often has many stabs at a reply before settling on a finished sentence – but she is intelligent and engaging. In truth, like many women her age, she’s probably just a little bit embarrassed.

‘I am quite shy and people think I’m aloof,’ she explains, sitting opposite me in a suite at a sumptuous Beverly Hills hotel.

‘I get that all the time: “She should not be in this position because she can’t handle it,” and, “She is stuck up and doesn’t want to talk to anybody. She is miserable, and if you are so miserable stop doing it.”

But do you have a choice? I want to be an actor, I am just not very comfortable talking about myself.

‘When I did the first Twilight movie they were like, “Now you have to go and do media training,” and I was, “Screw you! Do you think you are going to wrap up all my little insecurities and throw them out the window?

Do you think you are going to put soundbites in my mouth? I’ll do your course, but that’s not going to happen.’

And she is, indeed, refreshingly soundbite-free and unashamed of her insecurities.”

Read the rest on the UK Telegraph. The reporter’s opinion of Kristen very much mirrors what our own personal experience has been with her since 2008, she’s somewhat awkward, but one-on-one she’s great, she cares about fans and getting it right,  thinks about her answers before speaking resulting in pauses you could drive a truck through, and is refreshingly honest (after the excruciating pause)not just coming out with the same old studio programmed line.


  1. Yea, Kristen! I love how human and honest you are – just like Bella.

  2. I totally agree, and I think she is a great role model for young girls.

  3. Vampire-girl says:

    I also agree its so easy for others to assume that just because she’s been acting most her life she should now how to handle her success and so on. The girl became an overnight hit and I think she has handled that well. Her little quirks and pauses and so on are what make her, her and you know the girl is unique and caring, not like some actors who come across as stuck up. I admire her and how she keeps her feet on the ground

  4. She has come along way in interviewing, and some interviewers are respectful of that, Oprah made her at ease. She was great on George Lopez, her dad working there helped. But as time goes on she is getting more and more comfortable, she has come along way.
    But she is still a very private person, I respect that. She is also very causious of what she says, because everyone is going to pick it apart. I think she is tremondously smart.

  5. alwaysedward says:

    I like Kristin Stewart, I like that she is honest, and I think that she is a great actress. She is absolutely phenomenal in Speak – and I belong in the half that thinks she captures the essence of Bella – I just wish she didn’t use the “F” word so often. 🙂

  6. Her insecurities and “awkwardness” in the spotlight are part of who she is and that’s what we love about her. Sure, she could use a smidge of polish (she’s still a teenager for heaven’s sake), but she’ll get there. It’s been amazing watching her grow from a tomboy into a stunningly beautiful young lady. I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow up as a person and an actor.

  7. Great article. I love Kristen. She is very smart and you can tell she is an ‘old soul’. Keep being yourself, Kristen. Your true fans get you and support you 100%.

  8. I love KStew 🙂

  9. I find her amazing. She had the fortitude to change into sneakers and casual clothes for the Eclipse Movie Premiere After Party [after doing the Red Carpet looking stunning in high heels-as she does]. What guts,in that enviroment! Now, if she’d only give up those poisonous cigarettes [and Rob too for that matter]…..then she’d really be showing she had some control over her life.

    • I don’t know if it’s that interview or not, but one that Kristen did recently she said that she’s nearly (and I do mean nearly) has given up smoking–she now maybe smokes 1-2 cigarettes a day now. She said that she eventually wants to give up completely.

  10. I also think that’s why so many people–fans and costarts and others that she’s worked with–are a bit protective of her. There’a a thread on IMDB about why people are so protective of Kristen. A lot of it is probably due to how the public precieves her. And there’s a big difference between using what people say about her as a reference and hearing/reading commente from those who’ve met her.

    “Celebs” tend to be very different in private than in public. Take Kristen. She’s very private about certian things, and I think that’s from the values that her parents have instilled in her. Kristen wouldn’t ask about your love life, would she? Not too likely, and she just wants (and deserves) the same treatment.

    She’s not perfect, and she’s admitted to as much, but criticizing her over her ideosyncricies/insecurities (which we all have)and making stupid mistakes when upset, frustrated, or stressed (most of us have probably said worse about some things than what Kristen has occasionally done)is, to me, absurd.

    No reason for Kristen, who is a good role model to teens as far as being yourself and trying to be a good person, to take so much crap from the media just because she’s not a typical Disney “cookie-cutter” starlet. If anyone needs confirmation, read some of her comments about being yourself and not taking crap off of peope. One of the better one’s that printable here is “I think it’s ridiculous that you need to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty.”

    Well said.

    • I agree and that’s why she’s become one of my favorite actresses,because she’s not a Disney cookie-cutter starlet. She’s lived in Hollywood for most of her life,yet she has a very anti-Hollywood attitude about stardom. She knows it’s not everything the cameras make it out to be and I applaud her for not being another young Hollywood club hopper,like some of her peers. Billy Burke said at the first Twilight premiere,that he thinks she’ll have a career that will transcend past Twilight and I have to agree with him. I hope to see more of her films in the future.

  11. I love KStew. She is always honest and speaks her mind and I really admire that about her.You can get by reading her interviews that she’s very intelligent for her age. I’m sure she’s going to have a brilliant career ahead of her.

  12. They said she just turned 17 when she made the movie. That is not true because she turned 18 during the filming of Twilight. I remember Catherine talking how they were so excited because they could work longer hours.

  13. I have to say it’s pretty hard to find good stuff of it. marvellous words,

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