Troix Magazine Launches Today

Troix Magazine launches today. They have been teasing us over the past few weeks with some outtakes of footage with Jackson Rathbone. Here’s what they describe in their press release:

“…The digital debut of TROIX Magazine launched today.

TROIX (which means “Three More” in French slang) is a leading-edge digital magazine featuring young personalities of screen, teleision, music, and more.  From inside their comfort zones; un-rehearsed, un-censored, and free to be who they are.
This month, we feature 40+ must see pages on Jackson Rathbone, known mostly as the contained vampire in Twilight.  TROIX brings you Jackson—the multi-talented, chameleon of a person; and as you’ve never seen him before.
We also bring you Britney, Christina, Ke$ha, and a dead bird (on a slab in the morgue)—all in one video. That one you’re just gonna have to see for yourself.
TROIX will not overwhelm with content.  You come, you see, you listen.  Then you go on with your busy young life.  A life we hope will be just a bit more fulfilled after getting a “FIX” from TROIX.  Come back one month later, but in between, we’ll be feeding you a few morsels.  After all, we wouldn’t want you going into complete withrdrawals.
Check out the issue and let us know what you think!”
Lexicon note: Please be advised that some of the images in the magazine are skirting the PG-13/R line and are on the boundary of work safe images.

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