Twilight Series Theories: Fanjunket Friday: Volvos, Proposals, Teens, and Religion

Twilight Series Theories has another transcript and audio file up with their discussion with Stephenie Meyer. They entitled this week’s episode Volvos, Proposals, Teens, and Religion, but our favorite section is where Stephenie talks about stories left currently untold.

“LT:  If you were forced to write a sequel or some novella, which—what character or characters would you do?

SM: If I were to go ahead with sequels, and I think that I’ve already stated this in some book thing, I would tell it from two narrators again, although I think I’d switch back and forth and it would be Nessie and Leah.  And you know it’s funny because a lot of people are like—I’ve read a lot of theories about why I felt compelled to have Bella have a baby and there’s only one reason and it’s not because—there isn’t a lot of really negative stuff—it’s not because you know Bella needed to have a baby or anything, it’s because I knew—it was really clear because I’d already done “Forever Dawn”—once Bella becomes a vampire she loses her relatability.  It’s subtle, but you no longer could do anything she could do and it really, as a narrator, she—I wanted to continue, I wanted to show where she went with it—but as a narrator she loses a lot of her appeal because she’s a vampire now and it’s really interesting to see how she does things but emotionally I felt like the tie was not as strong.  I wanted my narrator for the next story.  When I was writing this I was never gonna stop and I may go back to it, but like I said there’s the burnout factor that you don’t take into account and working on the movies, it’s a lot of vampires.  But Nessie was created because she was the logical voice, you have someone who’s half-human, half-vampire who doesn’t fit in anywhere and is an outsider in some ways, but then loved and cherished by her family.  But all the intricacies—she had so many problems, so many challenges so she was so attractive to me as a narrator…”

See the full transcript and the rest of the audio file on Twilight Series Theories


  1. you know what i would love?
    if nessi-in her “first years as a teenager” was like…a typical, normal teenager.
    with parties, trying to conceal her abnormalities with make up, making it look like she ages…and stuff
    Edward and bella would be so overwhelmed witht he situation.
    it would be itneresting to know if nessis grows hair back, once cut off

  2. Yeah, I almost threw the book across the room when Bella got pregnant. I loved the lead-up to the battle because all the different characters were cool, but basically the entire 2nd half of Breaking Dawn was a disappointment to me because I would have loved to see more of Edward and Bella’s relationship WITHOUT a freaking kid.

  3. i would love to read nessie ending with another guy and hurting jacob.nessie/jacob pair is beyond weird to this part SM proves she is a little silly.sry to say but jacob’s imprinting on renesmee was just like a father imprinting on his baby.i am not hating on SM.she is awsome but imprinting was weird.

  4. I hated BD^^
    u know what would have been a decent ending?
    I mean SM says, she needed a baby form bella, know, tell more stories, as bella-vampire got unrelatable.
    i decent ending, even with kid ( as she’s stated above, a child was just the “right” ending for edward and bellas relationship although edward neever said anything bout babies…but ok) would ahve been:

    bella and edward have a child.
    jacob still is heartbroken but cannot do anyhtign about it now. i mena HELLOW, THEY HAVE A CHILD.
    JAKE STILL LOVES BELLA, ebcause u know, in a decent story, not everyone gets their ultimate soulmate by the end of4 books.
    so the anrrator for future stories would ahve been jake.
    who, in love for bella, would change in a werewolf regularly, to stay “immortal” and because of that, he would mature mentally without getting old.
    and so he would be a really decent perosn until the next books tarts
    and yes, i would ahev loved if bella didn’T call jake ” a human thing”

    dont get me wrong, im not a team jacob…im trhought and through team edward.
    but…you know the “jake, my son” thing just ruined edward for did the baby thing ( butok…i CAN somehow live with that)
    I just liked the fact that…you know. someone was still hrut…there were still heavy, “unsolved” emotions somewhere.
    i loved this tragedy. and i think that would have been a great base for another story.
    most of all…i would have loved bella being like 0.857485974598 jealosu of jake’ new love…that never would be the case if he got together with renesmee.
    Jakexrenesmee is weird, cheap and it even affects edward character.

  5. gr8.

  6. The more I read SM interviews the more convinced
    I am that she is totally through with both
    Edward and Bella. She has moved on. I was
    worried that thru novellas, interviews, etc that she in someway was going to try to rewrite
    the four books.
    I don’t feel for the other characters the way I
    do Edward and Bella. I’m not really interested
    in their pasts or futures.
    I am depending on these last two movies to close
    their story out the way they were originally

  7. I agree with the commenst above. Like, the book was all ‘OMG Baby!’ ‘Look, baby’ ‘Aw, baby!’ It didn’t have any fight scenes and the baby ruined it. There was less romantic stuff once Nessa was born. It’s just…ugh. I hated it.

  8. What is wrong with u people just bitching and complaining ova a bookthat is ova two years old. Get ova it already! I did not like the imprinting thing either and i hated the “my son thing” but what can u do bout it. Stop bashing SM and BD. Write ur own book. JUST SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

  9. nessie and jacob is just totally weird.i mean see guys first you loved her mother and even forced her to
    kiss you and then you fall in love with her daughter whom you wanted to kill and his father didn’t care.i weant to nessie to end up with nahuel or any other char who has pure soul and not like a greedy char like jacob.