Robert Pattinson Wows Fans in Lubbock, Texas

Robert Pattinson and some of his friends took a bit of a road trip. they were recognized when they made a pit-stop in a local bar in Lubbock, Texas. The local Fox affiliate has the story.

According to the FOX coverage:

“Brittni Vivion, a waitress at Crickets said Pattinson went unnoticed for almost four hours before the realization set in.

“He came in around 5 o’clock at our happy hour shift. Nobody really noticed that it was Robert Pattinson until about 9 o’clock and finally a couple of bartenders and waitstaff asked him and then he kind of denied it at first and then eventually he fessed up and said that it was him. And so the word got out and about 20 minutes later we had a rush of girls come in. They were just flaunting themselves over him. We finally had to shut the bar down and not let anybody else in cause it was just crazy, said Vivion.”

Pattinson left the bar at closing time through a back exit. Bystander Marissa Mason described the scence (sic)as a chaotic.”

See more on Fox Lubbock.

The local newspaper the Daily Toreador has similar coverage, including how word got out after Rob had been there for nearly 4 hours unnoticed. This time it was Facebook that was the culprit, not Twitter.

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What’s interesting in all of this is that Lubbock, Texas is one heck of a drive from Los Angles. It makes you wonder how many more places they stopped in between and went unnoticed. Looks like Rob still has a chance at being incognito, especially since he managed 4 hours in a bar without being recognized.


  1. There was an unconfirmed report on Rob Pattinson Life that he was in Santa Fe on the way. Glad to see his mini-Grizzly-Adams beard is offering him a measure of anonymity! (for a while, at least)

  2. Maybe he is on his way to Louisiana, isn’t Kristen filming some of On The Road down in New Orleans? Or maybe he’s getting a head start for filming Breaking Dawn. I just wish where I lived was on his Road Trip Itinerary.

    • I guess the video answered my post…couldn’t see the video on my Blackberry when I posted my comment earlier. I agree with everyone to that I am glad he got to have some normal time before being asked if he was who they thought he was.

  3. Vampire-girl says:

    at least he is having a bit of ‘normal time’ must be nice to just be yourself with no press no security nothing

  4. It’s a good thing that he is traveling with his friends. He can get to be “a normal guy” for a while.

  5. newmoonnews says:

    so sad that the man can’t even go to a bar without everyone finding out he is there and causing a scene. Atleast he got 4 hours before things got crazy. Once the staff found out it was him it would have been nice if they just kept their mouth shut and let the man be.

    • Twilibrarian says:

      I agree. It’s nice when everything in the universe aligns and you get a chancelike this. But, c’mon folks, the man deserves to be a regular guy on his own time. Too bad some idiot blabbermouth spoiled it for him.

  6. Good for him. I can’t imagine not being able to go out in public without a throng of reporters following me everywhere. I bet he really enjoyed being a normal guy for awhile.

  7. First of all – I can’t believe he went 4 hours there w/out being noticed. That’s impressive.

    Second of all – if I walked into a bar and Rob was in there, I’d poop my pants.

  8. silvertonguedevil3 says:

    Happy to hear they shut the bar down and didn’t let anyone else in. I come from Nashville where we see celebrities on a daily basis and I still can’t understand why people act this way around them. You could always spot a tourist because they were the only ones asking for pics and an autograph at a bar at 11:00 at night.

  9. According to Twitter sources, he was jamming out in Houston tonight! How fun. =) Lucky duckies were able to see him and he did snap a few pics, but it isn’t as crazy as Lubbock. It’s a college town, girlies would go crazy for him.

  10. JenLouise0201 says:

    It’s too bad he didn’t get to stay unnoticed. He probably just needs a break. Hopefully he can enjoy some time away to just mellow out with his friends.

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