Bree Tanner Movie?

Rumor broke yesterday of a possible Bree Tanner movie. Nothing like trying to verify a rumor on a major holiday weekend! We are trying to see if the story has any validity; however, if the property is in hot negotiation, Summit may not want to talk about it, so stand by, we’ll do the best we can on this one. Casting talk would be way premature on a project that doesn’t have a script, screen writer, or director; however, the other material may have some credibility.

The Australian site What’s Playing broke the news. They generally have a reliable track record and aren’t prone to gossip and unfounded rumor. So take that info for what it’s worth. Here’s part of what they had to say:

“Consider this nothing more than a rumour – if only because our source, though seemingly on the level and able to provide sufficient information to pass the BS detector, is a first-time scooper – but alas, it’s too good not to print, so we are, but with that disclaimer. And, quite frankly, there’s no real reason why this wouldn’t be true.

According to the tipster, who works in licensing, Stephenie Meyer’s book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – released in March – is headed to the big screen. Tanner, of course, is a character that popped up ever-so-briefly in this year’s The Twilight Saga : Eclipse.”

See more on What’s Playing.

Oddly enough, we asked Stephenie Meyer about the possibility of a Bree Tanner movie on the Eclipse Black Carpet. (No we had no inside info or agenda, it was just a curiosity question.) Stephenie, as you can see in the video, didn’t discount the idea or state that she was adverse to it. Producer Wyck Godfrey also stated at that time, that he and Stephenie had several irons in the fire. Maybe this was one of them? Check out the video and give us your opinion. What do you think about a Bree Movie?

UPDATE: We checked with Summit regarding the accuracy of the story. An official representative stated, “Everything found online about this topic is at this point pure speculation.


  1. I’m not sure I would care to see Bree Tanner made into a movie. It was a great companion piece at the novella length, good for filling in back details of the rest of the Saga…but to make a good movie? It would only work if they were able to sign all the same actors who already portrayed aspects of the story in Eclipse, or somehow leave those out…and the ending is pretty significant. Plus, it would primarily be vampires growling at and fighting with each other. Not overly compelling plot-wise, except for the short interaction between Bree and Diego. I don’t know…just not sure it would garner as much interest as the rest of the movies.

    • Dawn I have to agree with you. I loved the novella and I’ve read the sagas so many times my books are getting worn but just not sure that Bree’s story would make a good movie. There just isn’t enough there, at least for me, to be interested in a movie.

      • Of course, if it’s put out by Summit, as it most surely would be, then it’s possible they could use clips from Eclipse and re-edit them for the ending, so they would not have to rework contracts with the “Cullens.” They would certainly have to get Riley, which might not be as difficult, because he’s not in high demand as an actor yet. Still, even that probably wouldn’t draw me…Bree was interesting as a short back-story in a complex drama. She is not compelling as a heroine carrying her own film.

  2. I think they could do another Twilight movie after Breaking Dawn but I don’t think it should be about Bree. I would love something else but with Stephenie’s approval of course.

    • it would be great if Midnight Sun was released to finish the serious off. I’m not sure how Bree’s story would work on the big screen. Stephine, PLEASE PLEASE release Midnight Sun

      • that would be great: midnight sun, but with a lot of flashbacks with information about the otehr cullens, details on edwards story and stuff.
        you could say, a hybrid of midnight sun ( to udnerstand twilight from eddie’s point of view) and the twilight guide!

        aw…that would be so cool.
        but that won’t happen.
        they would ahve to do it soon. otherwise they would ahve to recast eddie

  3. I am def NOT interested, why Bree? What not other characters? Makes no sense, the girl has 3 sent n the book, we fans have no emotional attachments to Bree. Alice, YES, any other Cullens YES. Why Bree? I dont get it.

    • That’s what I was thinking too. I liked the Bree Tanner book, but I’m not reading it over and over like the other books. I’m not invested enough in Bree to really want to see a whole movie being made about her. What I would like, if anything, of course Midnight Sun. If that’s not an option, what about doing a movie with Cullen backstories? We never really got Carlisle’s or Alice’s in the movies. I would def be more interested in that, and those are characters I care more about.

  4. They would have to recast Bree. If I remember correctly, even Stephenie indicated in the fan site junket that Jodelle wasn’t exactly who she had in mind. Bree in The Short Second Life, has more of a maturity in demeanor and, I would think, look than Jodelle. Jodelle is a cute kid, but she feels like a kid with no sexual charge that is needed when she is with Diego.
    There are just so many more interesting stories that could be pulled out of the Twilight Saga than Bree Tanner. The novella was fine and added a little to the overall story, but it is not motion picture worthy.

  5. I don’t think it would work out for the big screen. Their is just not enough meat in the book to actually make a movie interesting.

  6. LOL that woman will do absolutely anything to not write whatsitcalled, huh? 😉

    • What does that have to do with Bree Tanner possibly becoming a movie? That doesn’t stop her from writing. She was still writing Breaking Dawn when Twilight was being filmed. People just need to quit whining about Midnight Sun, and let Stephenie do whatever she wants with it.

      • Well, she is one of the producers on Breaking Dawn, and if there’s a different Twi movie made, she might be one of the producers on that as well. Which means a lot of her time will be taken up with that new movie. But you’re right that there’s no point in whining. If she really doesn’t want the millions of dollars she’d get from finishing and selling Midnight Sun, that’s her choice 🙂

    • Personally, I think this is pathetic. It looks like people are just trying to make as much money as possible off of Stephenie’s successful story. There’s no regard for whether it’s a story that will work on screen or deserves to be told, as long as they can get Twilight-obsessed teeny boppers to throw money at it.

      The producers/director/actors apparently had access to Bree Tanner’s story while Eclipse was filming. If they really wanted to tell the story that badly why didn’t they include more of it in Eclipse? Because they want us to give them more of our money.

  7. I think it want make a great film but I really don’t think that it will as Stephenie doesn’t like them to be rated above PG

  8. Agree that they should focus on getting Midnight Sun finished and in production before all the Twihards turn old and grey :))

  9. Midnight Sun, please. That’s all I want right now.

  10. I’ve been thinking about the future of Twilight lately. And I think this tip-off suggests that the powers-that-be are, too. I don’t think this is much about Bree specifically, but more the idea of spinning off and expanding Twilight in the future.

    Recently there was a story making the rounds that vampire related media — starting with the publication of the first Twilight novel — has grossed over $7 billion. As I recall, the Twilight franchise, although it started the ball rolling for this generation, has earned around $2 billion of that.

    Look at the Star Wars Saga franchise: Originally it had a similar demographic of young people (boys instead of girls), who grew up anxiously awaiting the next installment (films that were also books, instead of books that were also films). Despite the copycat films, TV, and so forth, when those fans got older, they wanted *more* of their chosen franchise. Not less. Star Wars, set within a compelling-yet-unsettled milieu, answered fundamental life questions, including, “Is there absolute good and evil? Can I choose the good, despite my personal circumstances?” That question, and its compelling answer, remain relevant to its original fans, now in their forties, as well as to their children and new generations. Eventually, the creator, George Lucas, got on board with that, with an expanding operation handling licensing of new media, closely overseeing additional novelizations, television projects, and merchandising to maintain and expand upon that original vision.

    Similarly, Twilight is also based upon a distinct, high-quality vision, within a compelling-yet-unsettled milieu, which asks (among others) the question: “Can a person choose to live a more moral and happier life than societal norms dictate?” This is a big issue for anyone, and is a question that people are bound to ponder and seek answers to repeatedly in their lives.

    Twilight fans’ lack of fulfillment — their hunger for more vampire related media — seems to be resulting in them seeking any/all vampire media. This may be a problem — for the Twilight franchise and the fans — since “non-visionary” (read: copycat) media products are generally lower-quality and based on derivative concepts (e.g., “Like Twilight, but with explicit sex and gore”). Thus, there is a risk that fans may lose interest in Twilight altogether because they will get sick of the low-quality copycats… at least in the short-term.

    Long-term, it seems unlikely that the millions of fans will forget about their chosen franchise, Twilight. Such questions as the one above will need further answering in the future. So, while I admit this may be wishful thinking, I suspect that this tip may be floating the idea of the continuance and extension of the Twilight brand/franchise in the future. Stephenie Meyer, like George Lucas, doesn’t need to oversee every detail of every little project, provided that she continues to exert quality control and ensure that the various spin-off media projects remain true to her vision (e.g., retain a wholesome worldview, don’t kill off Edward, Bella or Jacob, etc.).

    There is a whole universe of unanswered questions in the Twilight universe: What will real werewolves do when they find out about the wolfpack? How will vampires-in-need respond to the Cullen’s new moral leadership of the immortal world? When will the Volturi strike back? Nessie + Jacob vs. Nahuel + Leah? And what about Charlie; What would he/Bella do if a serious crime arises? I’m sure that any of us can come up with many situations that are yet unsettled and would provide compelling questions and answers about life that we can all relate with. Does Stephenie Meyer need to write every word herself? No; if she retains careful overall control (like her becoming a producer for BD 1 & 2), it will still be the Twilight Universe we know and love — and return to — in the future.

    I hope that Meyer & Company are developing quality licensing partners — including authors, publishers, etc. — who will support, expand, and reinforce Stephenie’s original vision in the future. Remember: while the Harry Potter franchise has just opened its first theme park attraction, fans have enjoyed Star Tours at Disney parks for decades, and they are now in a major redesign to carry it forward for the next 30 or more years.

    If Meyer, Summit and Little Brown plan well now, Meyer can ensure that she retains quality control over the Twilight franchise, which may (and certainly could) continue for decades to come.

    What do you think? More Twilight? Would an expanded universe appeal to you? Or are you done, fed up, will never want to experience the magic of Twilight again?

    • Additional stories involving the central (central being the key word) players in the Saga would probably appeal to most fans…IF they could retain the original actors/actresses. Unlike Star Wars, in which characters aged and matured and could be portrayed by different people, the vampires do not…so it would be really hard to recast any of those characters without upsetting a major fan base. And would they sign on for spin offs? It would depend on the quality of the scripts and how their careers are doing otherwise…

      • Your concerns are rather hillarious. Not to mention pointless.

        Have you ever heard of a series called “Doctor Who?” It’s a British Series, and it has been around for fifty years in 2013. It had a break from the air for seven, then nine years, but you still had the Doctor Who Magazine giving new stories in the comic section, and Big Finish Productions got the licence to produce audio adventures… And these continue, even though the show is back on the air.

        Part of the longevity of the show connects with the main character, the Doctor, being able to regenerate, meaning he has a new appearance – and to some extent, a new personality. Each incarnation of the Doctor is different, and different fans hold a different Doctor as their favourite. And the Big Finish productions give us new Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Doctor stories.

        Also, there have been animated stories, which means only the voice was needed, as the rest was computer drawn.

        Why go on about this series? Because each incarnation of the Doctor has to pretty well stay unaging, a lot like a vampire.

        Conclusion: There are ways around aging actors, if you are willing to look.

        PS) I would be very interested in a Bree Tanner film, based on what was shown in Eclipse.

    • Nicely put! I agree completely I am part of the Star Wars gen and now have found a new niche in Twilight. My daughter is even getting into it! I adore the books and, when my daughter is old enough, she will as well. My fear is the “selling out” appearance that all too often happens when a production that becomes so wildly poplular tries to capitalize and it quantity trumps quality.

      I know as an admirer I would love to see more branches to the story. Perhaps as a series on each character instead of full fledge movies.

  11. I agree with what everyone else said. I wish she felt like working on Midnight Sun. I’ve read that little bit we have as many times as the finished books. And whenever I read them, I find myself wondering more and more “what was he thinking then??”

  12. I agree. It was a good companion book but a movie…I don’t think so. I don’t think there is enough within the book to make it into a movie. Personally I would like to see movie about the origins of the Cullen family.

  13. well I will be happy if it actually does happen! I really liked Bree! I wish someone would write something for these two actors
    Now that would BE COOL!!!!

  14. Christina Laviano says

    I fall in line with everyone else. Midnight Sun is all I wish for when I think of what else I want from that. And even when I do have enough foresight to think beyond Midnight Sun… I think a novel or series 10-15 years from now when Renesmee is more mature and what happens with her and Jacob and if Nahuel becomes of any interest to her. I guess I am a sucker for a love triangle… not that Jacob ever had a chance.

  15. Bree story would make for a crappy movie… we already know the ending from Eclipse. It might make a good 2nd DVD for the movie’s DVD release….

  16. I think a movie about the Cullens before Forks and Bella would be ideal. Don’t get me wrong Bree Tanner was a good novella, but not a whole movie unless they really add more to it like make a love triangle with Bree, Fred, and Diego. There was something there for Fred and Bree, he protected her. I don’t know, but I think it could really work. Also, I would really love to read Midnight Sun to understand Edward better. What he was thinking? How much of the truth did he really tell Bella? I think that Freaky Fred should come back looking for Bree and join the Cullens and there should be a story about Renesmee and Jacob.

  17. i really wish she’d finish ‘midnight sun’ before delving into anything else.

    and i’m really not interested in seeing a film about bree. just my opinion.

  18. heart102271 says

    I liked brees story. It gave a lot of insight to what the volturi were thinking, and how much edward knew as well as what newborn life was like for the newborns versus bella’s view. I think, I’d like to know what ever happened to “freaky fred”… And I’d like to know what happened to Leah, and how la push worked with two packs, since jacob couldn’t leave. How does bella feel when nessy is a teen and begins to have some of the same feelings for jacob that she has for edward? Will charlie and sue end up together? Where do they go when they leave forks because of time & non aging? Omg what if charlie dies?!? Or re-marries? And we saw charlie clue in, but what about renee? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see midnite sun finished too, but I totally understand stephanie not being ready to go there just yet. There are plenty of other directions she can take if she gets the itch, and how can she not? Forks is such a lovely place…

  19. switzy4ever14 says

    I’d probably see anything they put out, honestly, because I love Twilight, but I personally wouldn’t be super excited about a Bree movie. Just not enough information. I don’t think a film would be good for such a short backstory. Would I see it? Yes. Would I like it? Maybe, maybe not.

  20. I don’t think there is nearly enough material to make Bree Tanner into a movie. Don’t hold your breath people.

  21. As I recall in some interview or something during Eclipse filming David Slade said that he thought there was some wonderful material in the Bree story for a film. For just Bree I personally don’t think enough material, but what if back up more and do more Victoria finding Riley and how go about getting the army together and then mesh with Bree’s story. That would possibly provide enough material, but of interest??? I agree with most of the other posts, Cullen back stories are more desirable and would be more interesting. Jasper and/or Alice especially. Freaky Fred would be interesting – hopefully he crosses paths with the Cullens. Film or books or both. The Star Wars universe comparison is valid and a way to continue on with the characters. SW and Star Trek have both enjoyed a long life and given new authors opportunities. Twilight has captured my attention far more than SW and ST ever did. I’ve already bought multiple copies of the books, audio books, not so much the other items. Any more books, I’ll be there. Andre Norton’s Witch World series expanded beyond the original main characters to other parts of that world and different characters that became as beloved as the original.

  22. I wouldn’t go see it. I wasn’t impressed with the novella and would much rather see other characters explored than anyone spend more time on this. I honestly don’t get the fascination with Bree. I thought it worked ok in Eclipse, seeing another POV and getting a glimpse into that side of the story but that’s enough for me.

  23. I would actually really love to see the novella made into a movie. I truly enjoyed reading it, and I ended up falling in love with Diego’s character. When I was almost at the end of the book, I really wished Stephenie had given a happier ending to Bree’s story. I think it’d be very interesting to see it on the big screen, only if they get it right, of course. I was creeped out, but also fascinated by the world of “real” newborn vampires. I wouldn’t mind a Bree movie, but it’d be quite short though.

  24. Midnight Sun, if and when it is finished, won’t be made into a film because it already is one called Twilight! While a novel can be rewritten from another character’s perspective, it would be pretty difficult to do it for a movie. Would you want Catherine to direct again and just change camera angles? It would have to be parallel to the Twilight screenplay, not Twilight the book, for consistancy. Has anyone else noticed how much Kristen and Taylor especially have aged since they filmed Twilight? Can you imagine how old they will look if a Midnight Sun movie in two year and trying to recapture scenes in Twilight? And besides, Taylor would refuse to put that wig back on to do a Midnight Sun movie.
    As for other Twilight movies – I would love it too BUT these actors are aging while their characters don’t. Harry Potter worked because the characters aged as the actors did. Peter Facinelli will turn 39 a few weeks after Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens! All the “Cullen kids” will be in their mid to late 20s. Dakota Fanning will be in college. While vampires go on forever, the Twilight Saga movies will not. Start bracing yourself for November 2012 now and holding out for the BBC miniseries of the Twilight Saga in 25 years – I’m sure they’ll work the Bree Tanner book into it then.

  25. As much as I absolutely loved Bree Tanner and having that whole backstory, I don’t think they should make a movie out of it. I don’t see how they could make a 2 hour movie that made sense to all the people who only saw the movies out of such a small book. It’s mostly fighting with a little romance with Bree and Diego, and I don’t even think those things would show accuratly on screen. Just…no. Summit, have your fun with the main for books and leave the rest.

  26. I really hope they do make a Bree Tanner movie. That was a really good book itself, and knowing more background made things more clear.


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