Kellan Lutz Montreal Paparazzo Incident

According to CBC, Kellan Lutz had a run in with an aggressive paparazzo while filming the Immortals in Montreal. The case, according to the paparazzo, might be being dropped (against him anyway).

“A Vancouver paparazzo says Montreal police are no longer investigating him in connection with an incident involving an alleged hit and run with a Twilight movie star.

According to court documents obtained by CBC News, actor Kellan Lutz claimed he was struck by a car driven by paparazzo Richard Fedyck while on a film set in Montreal this summer.

The driver allegedly backed up into Lutz and then left the scene after the incident without stopping.

The documents said Lutz feared for his safety after the alleged incident on the set of a movie Immortals, which was not connected with the Twilight films.

Richmond RCMP filed the documents in B.C. provincial court in July at the request of Montreal police, who said Fedyck may be a suspect in the hit and run and in the alleged criminal harassment of Lutz.

RCMP said the driver’s licence photo of Fedyck was needed to identify or eliminate him as a suspect.”

Richard Fedyck is probably better known to Twilight fans as PunkD_Images on Twitter(he’s currently commenting on the case his Twitter, warning on language), the photographer that Lainey Gossip frequently uses. He was also the person who hired a helicopter to buzz the set of Eclipse during reshoots, and the individual who tweeted out Stephenie Meyers exact flight details and told Phoenix area fans to meet her at the airport.

CBC has more here including several  quotes from Fedyck stating all charges against him have no merit.


  1. What a low life! Isn’t there a way to put these type of people out of business?

  2. Linda, Houston, TX says:

    Can you imagine how much danger Rob, Kristen, and Taylor are in every time they go outside? It is just ridiculous and we as fans should NEVER look at any photos taken by this criminal. And that’s what it is. Stalking is criminal behavior or it should be.

  3. Noah Brighten says:

    I agree… I think people like Fedyck are scumbags, too bad there isn’t a law againt dooshes… then again… there just might. A new law is being passed in regards to the paparazzi, that they could be fined $5000 dollars as well as get a night in jail, IF they put a celeb’s life in jeapordy while trying to snap that sacred shot. This could have some bad implications for good photographers and reporters as well, but hopefully it we’ll start seeing these bad ones behind bars.

  4. Lainey is the new Perez. When they post untrue gossip and then try to manufacture “proof” to make themselves not look pathetic.
    The best way to deal with these people is to not support them. Don’t click on their websites. Losing traffic costs them money.

  5. wow… careful kellan!!!

  6. It’s too bad that nothing was learned (or taken seriously) from incidents like Princess Diane. I fear another repeat is in the future.

  7. Unless the federal government starts prosicuting the paps and suing the websites that they support, this stuff will keep happening. I’m starting to think that maybe violence is the answer, considering that these morons don’t listen to other means. Maybe a punch in the mouth from an angry fan will get the point across. I say, “Have at it, Boys” on that. That just goes to how stupid these people are in my book, because they, like the mainstream media, only listen to scare stories, violence and sex. The media today is a freakin’ embrassment.

    It also has to be remembered that this schmuck also works for Lainy Gossip, the site that started the Kristen Stewart rape comment furor, and she’s as bad as Perez Hilton from the other side of the tracks.

    I know that Federal Law protects the first admendment of free speach and press, but said State and Federal Laws don’t protect against lible, slander, and making crap up to make money. But these twits just stay under the letter of the law, so they get away with it. Maybe 20 years in Federal Prison, or worse, a State Prison, will straighten these clowns up. Kristen and Rob were nearly involved in an accident in LA recently because of paps.

    Again, a few nights in jail with murderers and other violent criminals will hopefully fix these miscreants and malcontents.

  8. chey cullen says:

    poor kellan . sooner / later sum1 is goin 2 b seriously injured by d paparazzi 🙁 i totally agree wit karen n linda 🙁

  9. What is it going to take for people to stop buying these filth rags and looking at these gossip sites? Between this thing with Kellan and the sad situation they put Rob in a couple months ago, it is only a matter of time before somebody-either a celebrity, their child or an innocent bystander gets hurt. I wish people really understood what they were purchasing/supporting when they buy these mags and visit these sites.

  10. What an ass! I’d much rather enjoy the movies and interviews my favorite celebrities do and give rather than see photos taken by people like this who put them in dangerous situations. It’s ridiculous!

  11. What a disgusting human being, people need to stop supporting this industry.
    On that note, I’m hurt whenever I see papparazzi refered to as ‘photographers’. They are NOT photographers, they are parasites that happen to use cameras.

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