Melissa Rosenberg Talks Birth Scene with People Magazine

Melissa Rosenberg made some recent comments to People Magazine regarding the birth scene in Breaking Dawn and working on rewrites of the script with Bill Condon.

“I don’t think it’s about the amount of blood you show,” she says. “It’s on their faces. It’s all from Bella’s point of view when you’re seeing what’s going [on]. It should feel visceral. I think it’s going to be pretty intense.”

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  1. Isn’t the birth scene actually from Jacob’s point of view? Bella remembers parts of it while she’s burning, but Jacob watches it all through his eyes…she passes out from the pain numerous times. I’ve never liked Melissa Rosenberg as the screenwriter-she doesn’t seem to be that familiar with details in the books. We need a twihard to remake all the movies.

    • Paige, I agree with you. MR has gotten a lot of stuff just plain wrong in her screen plays.

    • Totally agree, you hit it on the head, hope I’m around long enough to see someone awesome write the script. I would still love to see Peter Jackson direct it too. lol If I’m gonna dream, it may as well be big. It all starts with the script tho’ and MELISSA twisted it ridiculously.

      • Peter Jackson would be awesome! I hadn’t even thought of that. My dream team would be him directing and Stephenie doing the screenplay.

    • I agree. This sounds like when she decided to make Riley’s character grow in Eclipse. I mean, what was that? I like the actor, but he just appear in a few pages in the end. Period. And she ruined Eclipse for me with that Team Jacob motto all the time. She doesn’t get Edward’s character.

      I wouldn’t say the screewriter has to be a twihard, but it should have been someone who understand the story and it’s characters.

  2. Yes, its in Jacobs POV, and some of it is in Bellas, but I have read they arent doing the whole ‘Jacobs POV’ in the movie bc it wont translate well..

    • THEY’RE NOT DOING JACOB’S POV!!!? …Yep, this movie’s gonna suck. It’s gonna suck hard. -_-;

    • Oh wow really? I hadn’t heard that. For me, that was one of the things I loved most about BD-you got a diff perspective. It was sort of essential to getting Jacob’s new wolfpack story told as well. The movies have been sort of from Bella’s POV, with her narrating here and there. Overall I don’t feel like it’s as much from her POV as the books are. I will also miss Jacob’s POV if it’s not put in the movie.

    • That was a rumor and MR debunked it on her FB! She said of course it will be in there.

  3. I was looking forward to Jacob’s point of view. : (

  4. I’m gonna be perfectly honest, I hated Breaking Dawn, it was my least favorite book. The only thing I liked about it was reading through Jacob’s POV, and now they’re taking that away!!? I guess I know why they skipped the Jacob epilogue in Eclipse now. Grrrr, I’m extremely upset right now. >:(

  5. I heard it from Stephanie Meyer herself – she said all the movies have been from Bella’s POV and BD will be no different; she compared the birth scene to the bite scene in Twilight. This is not a Messisa issue – it’s a story-telling issue. They want the movies to be Edward n Bella all the way (because we fans get mad when they don’t )

  6. The birth scene from Bella’s point of view only…
    so basically just “fade to black”. Don’t need to worry about the rating that way. Definitely need Jacob’s POV to pick up, so that Bella doesn’t basically just wake up and “Oh, I have a baby now”

  7. I think they should end the first part of breaking dawn with Bella opening her blood red eyes to her new life, but just the eyes and nothing else, kinda keeping you wanting to see more!!! I think ending it like that would be a rather good way to do it.

  8. I’m actually not that upset about Jacobs book being taken out. The only parts of it I really enjoyed were the parts having to do with Bella, her pregnancy, and the Cullens. Those parts will all probably be in it. Plus I was disappointed with the first three movies and Rosenburgs scripts so I’ll definitely be going into Breaking Dawn with low expectations. I thought the Eclipse script was a terrible Translation of the book and had all of the wrong focuses. If the Eclipse script and setup so far astray, I have pretty big concerns for Breaking Dawn. My least favorite thing about M Rosenburg is that the fact that she is team Jacob is so very obvious in the movies which are, in my opinoin, very clearly Team Jacob.

  9. They’ll obviously have to do some from Jacob’s pov. That would deter way too much from the book. It’ll probably just be how much they show. And they can mesh Bella & Jacob’s pov of the birthing scene togther. (If that’s something they’ll do I don’t know just an idea.) Don’t freak out everyone. It’s all about the best way to tell the story & go from book to movie. I’m sure SM will make sure some stuff is there.

    And yes not much gore!! I don’t want a lot of gore. I had a hard enoug time reading about it I really don’t want more of a mental image that I can replay in my head over & over.

  10. Twihard Edward Lover says:

    I totally agree with mostly everyone…. only screen write she got mostly right was ECLIPSE and most of twilight…..NEW MOON was way off….but then again both Twilight and Eclipse had written inputs from directors (twilight: catherine hardwicke/ eclipse: david slade) so basically the directors read the books and put in their two cents in the screen write….so hopefully Bill Condon reads the books and put his two cents

  11. I don’t want the entire Jacob book in the movie. Some parts of Jacob POV is boring and just will not translate well into the movie. To much Jacob is why Eclipse did not do as well as Summit expected. All MR and Mr Condon need to do is give us the book. That is all we want is the book and the Epic love story of Bella and Edward.

  12. some of you guys got it wrong jacobs book is not being taken out, its just the parts that are left in are going to be told from bella’s pov or made to be kind of a general thing. however, i do think it might not work kinda like the mishaps in new moon but i’ll see it no matter what. FYI i think Eclispe did really well it was the foreign box office that let us down. (not mad at yall though)

  13. the book sucked so im sure the movie will too.

  14. They are doing Jacobs POV! Melissa said so on her Facebook Page. Remember when she wanted to clear up rumors? She addressed some of them and that was one of them. She said she didnt know where that rumor came from but theyre definitely doing Jacobs POV.

  15. Twilight_News says:

    As a point of clarity. The information in Jacob’s book is in just not all of it.

    Also in movies, vs. books. POV is who the camera is focusing in on. In Breaking dawn the book Jacob may me narrating in but it’s Bella and her reactions that he’s looking at. That’s what is meant by a Bella POV. So in other words, during the birth the camera will mostly be focused on the person giving birth!

  16. Only the important parts from the Jacob section of the novel will be shown-leaving the pack and forming his own and slowly going from hating Edward to becoming his friend,for Bella’s sake. I think the reason why the films have seemingly pushed Jacob more than Edward,is to increase audience appreciation for him. I’m pretty sure most of the audience knows whether they’ve all read the books or not,know that he doesn’t get the girl. Therefore some sympathy has to be built up for him. What I didn’t like about Eclipse is that the Wurthering Heights poetry was missing in the film. They went with the Fire and Ice poem as the theme for the film to show the choice Bella has to make,but I was really looking forward to see Bella and Edward quote the lines from Wurthering Heights to each other. I know everybody’s scared that BD will be the “Jacob” show,but he’s not the hero of the books,Edward is. Jacob’s a strong secondary character but the focus will be kept on Bella and Edward getting married and her becoming a vampire and a mother. Bill Conden has said he’s read the book,so I’m sure he’ll stay as faithful to it as possible.

  17. Oh dear, if we’re relying on Bella’s face to show the birthing scene we can look forward endless amounts of K-Stew grimacing and stuttering like she did in Twilight when James bit her. Please give us something more than that to look forward to.

  18. I don’t think it is exactly right as i am reading the comments. When I hear from Bella’s POV she was actually “present” for the birth. The camera may be focused from her angle like looking up at Edward and Jake’s terrified faces and hearing what is going on but in the “sleepy” state Steph likes to write in. I don’t need to see teeth breaking the skin but bloody cpr would be appropriate or some voice over of Belas thoughts.
    I think Eclipse showed wonderful examples from the books but yes they missed a few items that would have also seemed key “I can’t fight with an eclipse”.
    Breaking Dawn is my favorite of the series though I moslty skip the Jacob section cause he does a bunch of whiny moping. Also poor Chris Weitz for people picking apart New Moon. It was the hardest book to read through, again Jacob focused and Bellas depression. I thought he did a fabulous job with what he was given. FX could have been a little better: eye colors on the vamps, but the ground shook when the wolves ran and the individual hairs rustled in the wind.

    I am really hoping that in BD:Part Two at the end we get to see a flash back montage for the big reveal. And please no bella flocking on her first run with Ed and her eyes better be red darnnit.

    I truely don’t understand this hate (dislike) for BD. The story was going there the whole time.

    • I agree with Kristine…hopefully with Steph producing the important things will be included..I think Chris Weitz did a great job with New Moon..I am not so sure about Catherine Hardwicke with Twilight though, but I do love Twilight because it the first movie..I am reading Breaking Dawn for my second time again and it is my favorite book with Twilight being my second favorite.

    • TeamSwitzerland says:

      I totally agree with you Kristine, this whole ‘Breaking Dawn’ hate is just… pants that is. They should really have made Eclipse have more moments, and poor Edward was just biting the dust with all that “Bella falling in love with Jacob” senario! Him and Jacob should have had more of a battle for Bella, but ooooh nooo, of course Bella had to completely trash Edward to make the story interesting. But ah well, all’s in the past. I just hope that Breaking Dawn is brought to it’s full potential. I liked Eclipse personally, but some bits I just wanted to stand up in the Cinema and say “What is this rubbish? How can you people stand this?” But then everything became all-right again because Edward decided to blow up at little wolf-dude. I’m not dissing Jacob, but COME ON. They had the crappest lines known to humanity (I completely blame the script writers.), they made their characters seem like little wimpy girls! There was no competition, anger, rivalry! Which for me in the book, was the main story line. The Cullens had hardly any bits, and you didn’t really get any of the emotional air to it, which is what Eclipse is all about! I will be really upset if they mess around with the script for Breaking Dawn, or if they take out any of the major scenes. And so-help-me if they make me look through Kristin’s eyes and Robert Pattinson’s pained expression during the ultimate birth scene, I will walk straight out of the room.
      Critical feedback= The truth, only less harsh.

      TeamSwitzerland (No I am not from Switzerland, I am only merely quoting Bella in her moments of pure genius :P)


  19. Lots of good comments –
    I think Stephanie being a producer is going to help a lot, from things getting to of track. She has the best insight of all. I thought BD was a good book, but there is alot of material to deal with, it would be hard, to not leave out some, fade to black some etc… Renesmees birth is very little from Bella POV, just the view of her face and her biting her the rest is pretty much from Jake POV.. so I guess we will just have to wait and see how it plays out….
    Each film has definatly gotten better so we will hope for the same with Bill Conden, he has many to please out there in the Twilight world

  20. For me I’m basically sick of jacob black
    I don’t know why he has to be there
    And I think rosenberg ruined twilihgt
    For me. She left out so much vitals in
    The movie it just sucks.and why couldn’t
    There be a part from edwards point of view?
    That would have been great.

  21. guys whatever we say i don’t think summit,mellisa and SM are listening.they will ruin BD and i am 100% sure about it.i don’t think they will show swimming scene as it is rated PG-13.leg hitch was way awful.too much jacob’s crap in eclipse.

  22. This is getting out of hand. I think the movie should be as close to the book as possible to maintain it’s integrity. It is foolish to not use Jacob’ s perspective. It is vital. If u cut it out then the movie will be dry. Just alot of Bella in pain sitting on a couch, extremely sick and hungry. That is stupid. Edward doesn’t even move. He wouldn’t make the movie any better. As someone stated earlier, Bella is in and out of consciousness for the delivery. Ugh! I hope the story line will be better than Eclipse because that movie upset me. It seemed like Bella was about to choose Jacob and she treated Edward like trash. That was a poorly written movie. It was nothing like the book. Good thing they kept the fight as close as possible and gave Rosalie her moment. That’s the thing! We don’t really need a Bree Tanner movie, though I can go for it if they played up the whole love triangle thing with Freaky Fred, Diego, and Bree, but I would rather learn more about the Cullens before Bella and Forks. Or even Nahuel, Renesmee and Jacob. Heck, bring Freaky Fred back as if he is looking for Bree and make him stay with the Cullens. Something of interest. Midnight Sun. Jacob needs his moment. I say give it to him. Edward deserves his too so Midnight Sun it is!

  23. I think Twilight was a good movie. It was the first though there are some small errors, if it was really bad, we would not have gotten a second and third movie. New Moon, I have no complaints, this movie walk well done. It was very close to the book. I can’t complain. Eclipse, this movie felt rushed for me. Why couldn’t it b a 3 hour long movie like the green mile. It had alot of juicy stuff going on in the book that never made it to the screen. I did not enjoy this movie as much. Breaking Dawn

  24. Hey guys,
    i agree with nearly all of you, and because a am a HUGGGGEEEEE twilight fan, i think there should be better person than MELISSA as the screen-writer. I also agree Jennifer, because the Eclipse movie was wayy too rushed!I hope that Breaking Dawn isn’t all gooey and bloody, and i really want to see Renesmee! She sounds soo cute!

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