Melissa Rosenberg talks Script Writing, New Characters, and Love Scenes

Hollywood Life has a great interview with Melissa Rosenberg about the process of writing the script for Breaking Dawn while working with Bill Condon.  She also assures us that favorite characters like Garrett and the Amazon Coven will get screen time as well as the much anticipated love scene in Breaking Dawn.


  1. Personally, I will be furious if they over-sexify Isle Esme. Sure, when Bella is a vampire I’m prepared to let Hollywood have its fun, but the first time of a true pair like Edward and Bella needs to be more about trust and hights of emotion, just as it was in the book.

    • Great point!

    • MeganRose says:

      Totally agree!!!!!!!

    • MeganRose says:

      It’s sounding pretty good to me so far, I just hope, like everyone else, that they don’t go too far on Isle Esme. That particular part, I feel, would be better handled in a more classy way, like Stephenie did it in the book. And sex scenes don’t have to include nudity at all. Just look at Titanic! Also I’m really hoping they keep in the Irish coven and the Romanians, and Peter and Charlotte. I’d be sad to see any of them receive a smaller role.

  2. I want the ancient, sociopathic vampyre in the movie, more than any other new character. I enjoyed the heck out of him and his snarling at Volturi..

  3. I hope they also show their love life after (spoiler alert) she is changed. Those scenes are really great because they are finally equals and able to really express their love and passion.

  4. I’m just really hoping that they can capture the emotion and sensuality of the scenes. I thought they did a great job in Eclipse in the ONE love scene (grrr) with the intensity while keeping it appropriate. However, with the more mature content of BD, I think they can take it to the next level and still get their PG13 rating. Nudity doesn’t have to be involved, obviously. But the sensuality can be taken up a notch in those scenes…I hope!

  5. So glad to hear the other characters are getting time to shine. Garret is fantastic, also I’m really looking forward to Rosalie’s involvement finally. Her and Emmet have been so barely part of the past movies. Would like to see a touching moment between them like we saw for Alice and Jasper in Eclipse.
    I love Bella and Edward (and Jake), and of course the movies are mostly about them, but there are so many other great characters that I want to see, too.

  6. is it just me or is melissa getting better at interviews. i used to hate watching or listending because of her voice, but i think she has a lot more passion for this movie and it is really showing.

  7. I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. I’m just hoping they don’t go to far on the sex scene. I really want them to do it like how Stephenie Meyer did in the book. In the book she did where it skip over the parts and had Bella waking up after what happen. She made it where you knew what is going to happen, she let you use your imagination. I hope they do it like that. They really don’t need to have sex in it. They can make it more reasonable like how Stephenie Meyer did it in the book.

  8. I just hope the sex scenes are kept more like the book. That when Bella’s a human it’s more sensual & more scary (not sure how to say it. But they’re both nervous because it’s their first time & then Edward trying not to hurt her.) And then when Bella’s a vampire it’s different & more of the whose pinning down who type thing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they introduce the Denali’s since they weren’t even mentioned in the first 3 movies.

  9. i still don’t have any hopes for BD as both mellisa and steph loves jacob and bella.also steph don’t like adding romatic scenes to movie.i think there will be 3 min kissing and then fade to black thing.swimming scene will definitely be cut out.

  10. i still don’t have any hopes for BD as both mellisa and steph loves jacob and bella.also steph don’t like adding romatic scenes to movie.i think there will be 3 min kissing and then fade to black thing.swimming scene will definitely be cut out.

  11. I think the love scenes will be tastefully done. Like everyone has said,it doesn’t have to be graphic during the Isle Esme scenes,because it’s Bella and Edward’s first time making love. After she’s transformed into a vampire,I think the love scenes be more sensual,yet keep within the PG-13 rating. I can’t wait to see the Denali coven,the Egyptians and of course Garrett. He and Kate became another favorite couple of mine and it will be great seeing that onscreen as well as the other sub plots.

  12. I think that the love scenes can be done tastefully and I have full confidence that SM will do that. I like that she producing because it gives me encouragement that things will not get out of hand in the sex department. I think that the sex between Bella and Edward should be classy and not sleazy, and nudity is certainly not needed.

  13. The love scenes from Esme’s Island can be romantice as any first true love making moment, and should be from the experience of it. It does not have to be explicit, it is not even written that way…. bella says – ot was perfect, it was everything… there is no graphics.
    Even after she is a vampire.. is more of a feeling of intensement and no fear of her being hurt, so they love “equally” but her sensitivy is what is highten… so the pleasure can be shown, but still doesn’t have to be overboard, they just have to take tips from of the best love scenes in soaps, it can be done and make everyone happy I am sure.

  14. Sex is highly overstated.
    people who see these movies know whats going to happen anyways. They have left certain things to wonder about in the other movies, so they should keep the passion and the emotion, and skip anything that might lead the young kids who also watch the movie to think that,
    sex is what Bella and Edward are doing
    so I should do it, Out. I thought the way Stephenie wrote them was incredible, and I didnt get embarrased when I read about the honeymoon so I wouldnt want to get embarrased in the theater.

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