Emmy 2010 Red Carpet: Melissa Rosenberg

Melissa Rosenberg gives some Breaking Dawn details on the red carpet for the 2010 Emmy Awards.


  1. I’m glad to hear that they don’t want to hold back. I cannot wait to see the movie.

  2. Sydneysider says:

    Volturi girl… yes, but how much can you push things with a PG rating… I don’t want the film to be R but I do think it’s going to be pretty tame with a PG tag. Let’s hope they still do the books justice.

  3. i am glad they arent planning on holding bk!!! i hope they really do the book justices especially in the last part actually the whole lot needs to be done right or there is going to be some seriously disappointed fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like that comment as well,on not holding back in BD. On the other hand they still have to dance the line of not holding back and keeping the PG-13 rating. I cannot wait to see the production stills for BD. I think she’s right in saying the honeymoon scenes will be closed sets. Just about every scene will be under lock and key until we get the first teaser trailer.

  5. If they try this time to follow the book they should not have to hold back. During the honeymoon the love making parts where not R rated in anyway. The book lead up to them making love and then broke away to what happened after. We never read any details of what actually did happen during these parts but we knew it was hot. Also she talkes about the battle secene and if you get right down to it there was no battle just a huge standoff so I hope they don’t get creative just for the movie.

    • I agree.I’m concerned about the last scene, there was no battle in the first place.It was more like a court room drama.I hope they don’t change that into a bloodbath just to make it suitable for a 3-D movie. And I’d rather they don’t hold back on the honeymoon scenes. I can’t wait for the first trailer. Is it really a year away?

    • Kare Bear says:

      I agree. I heard her say final battle and I was like, “where?”. I hated that it built up and ending up being nothing but Bella standing there shielding. LOL.

  6. Stunt coordinator for battle scene? No last physical battle scene, all mind games for the actual confrontation – big chess game. And how much more appropriate can it get between two mind readers and a mind shielder? But there is the battle preparation. Kate’s shocking talent to help Bella develope her shielding talent and knocking Garrett on his back. And teaching Bella to fight. The birth scene can be filmed and keep it PG13 – focus on their faces to show the pain and fear of loosing that battle to save both mom and child and use sound effects for all the noise.
    I hope they keep more of parts we wonder ‘how are going to do it?’ for the movie release. It is so hard to resist watching the clips and viewing the stills. It is hard to wait, but I want the first viewing of whole movie to be more of a ‘surprise’ than Eclipse was.

  7. Pam you read my mind you mind reader.
    I hope they don’t put as many clips out as they did for Eclipse. People, well fans, like me cannot resist watching them before the movie. With Breaking Dawn being the last book/movie, I don’t want to see as many clips. I want to watch the movie and not be like “I’ve seen this already.”

    As with the other scenes, being PG-13 isn’t what it used to be. I watched Remember Me last month and WOW…!! They can do a steamy love scene without nudity. I want a good love scene, not porn.

    • PG-13 wasn’t what it use to be in 1980’s and only worse now. Wasn’t there something in the fan junket that SM was concerned about being able to make BD into a PG13 movie. I think with her officially on the credits and on set daily, we don’t need to worry too much. Sexy doesn’t need nudity. Sexy can lead the viewer or reader to a certain point and let their imagination take it from there, much like SM did in the book. Those with experience will imagine differently that those without.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with both of you! I think that was the whole point of what Stephenie was trying to get at. We have 3 books of build up to the honeymoon scenes and then SM lets our imagination take it from there. Sometimes not knowing (or seeing, in the case of the movies) and leaving more to the imagination is actually better. I also agree that with PG-13 the way it is now, they can go pretty far! Hopefully they keep it to the feelings and emotions the scenes are trying to get across.

  8. I really hope that she’s calling the last scene the “battle scene” just because she isn’t sure what else to call it. I hope they aren’t actually turning it into a battle. I think that’s one thing Stephenie would put her foot down on. But then why would stunt coordinators be needed? Oh man, I hope they don’t mess that up.

  9. Sounds very promising. I think they have the luxury of time (with 2 2 hour movies) to keep it spot on with the books. Can’t wait for the wedding, Isle Esme and Bella’s first experiences as a vampire. I hope they actually make the wedding stuff longer.

  10. My big problem is they show all the clips for the other movies,to get us amped up….. but what it boiles down to is this, they are not movies more like scenes, MR ask fans about their favorite parts in the books she write them they flim and thats what we see as movie…..I am very disapointed with the movies so far and i don’t think Breaking Dawn will be any better, not even with SM on it because she don’t have the final say.. and she don’t write the screen play MR does. and i hate when they come on and say MR did a great job because we the fans know better, the movies are not good , But its Twilight so we will contunie to go see them anyway

    • I have to say I don’t agree with you. I know the movies haven’t been exactly like the books word for word but I do think MR has done a great job so far and I don’t think she’ll disappoint with BD. I think they have done the best they could with what they can. Any movie adaption of a book is gonna be missing things and isn’t gonna be perfect, but I think the fans maybe not all, but most, are happy with the movies. I think they’ve all been great and exactly what I’ve expected with maybe a few exceptions. I do agree that with the previous movies they have released way too many clips and with this one should have maybe 1 or 2 but stay mostly with the stills to keep the surprise factor in there. But it’s still a whole year OMG that’s a loooong time!!

  11. They can do a lot with PG-13, and I think the fact that there are 2 movies means that lots of what the fans love will make it to the movies. I was disappointed in Eclipse because favorite parts of the book were in the movie but changed so much that they were like they were rewritten. But I realize it must be a daunting experience to bring the books to screen. Stephenie Meyer will have more say now that she is one of the executive producers, and I think Breaking Dawn might be the best yet!

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