Jackson Rathbone Headed to ABC TV This Fall

JacksonRathbonesexyEntertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello got the scoop on this one. For those of you not familiar with Michael Ausiello, he is known for his insider information especially in the TV realm.

“Coming up necks for Twilight bloodsucker Jackson Rathbone: A potentially recurring role on ABC’s No Ordinary Family. The 25-year-old actor—whose two summer films, Eclipse and The Last Airbender, collectively grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide—will play Trent Stafford, a high school classmate of Kay Panabaker telepathic Daphne.”

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  1. Mandybandy says

    This makes me so happy! I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Hmm, as of yet I’ve found no information on Jackson appearing on the show when I checked the official website for ABC’s No Ordinary Family, there was also no information on the official twitter account for No Ordinary Family. I also did not see Jackson’s name on the Main cast list on the website either, I guess for now it is just a waiting game. I guess by my estimates that Jackson won’t appear until sometime later in the 1st season or the beginnings of the 2nd season.

    I also read a lot of comments that people don’t plan to watch the show until 2nd or 3rd season cause of ABC’s reputation of cancelling shows during the 1st or second season. **Sigh** If people do that there is a big chance that No Ordinary Family will be cancelled after the 1st season. People are really mistrustful of ABC especially after they cancelled their favorite shows, they are afraid to give the show a chance in fear of falling in love with it only to be taken away if the show doesn’t do well.

    • I am really looking forward to seeing Jackson in the show but now I’m worried that if the show does get cancelled we wont see him. I was a fan of 10 Things and after the second season it was cancelled and with a horrible ending. Same goes for ABC’s Eastwick. Loved that show too but I guess it didn’t get many views=[

  3. SavyTwilighter says

    yes more Jackson please! anywhere is good^-^

  4. That would be awesome!

    I’ve seen the pilot of the show and it looks promising. I wonder if we’ll have a Bella/Edward situation between the two, where he is the only one whose thoughts she can’t hear. 😉

  5. Hmm………I hadn’t plannd on watching that show. But if Jackson really is gonna be on it I just might have to check it out.

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