Wolfpack Wednesday: Alex Meraz Artistic Autographed Photo

There’s a bit of a story that goes along with this one.

If you remember, the other day we told you about a tablecloth that Alex Meraz doodled on and created a work of art that both Laura (pel) and Chaske Spencer said would be fabulous on tee shirts. Laura had also mentioned to Alex how much people on the Lexicon enjoyed his original art, especially the print entitled “Faith”. You can find prints on Alex’s website.

Well, before our blog story covering what happened in detail, Laura did a short tweet about it and put Alex’s Meraz’s twitter name in the tweet. So, lots of people retweeted the info and gave positive comments about the art, and because Alex’s twitter name was in the original tweet, he got lots of feedback and he really enjoyed that.

So, after a really long convention weekend, Laura went into the room where the actors wait until they are needed. She saw Alex at one of the desks in the room embellishing a bunch of his signed headshots. Laura asked him what he was doing thinking he was going to donate the items to an auction or put them on his website. Alex replied, “You really made me think about taking my artwork into other mediums. I’m doing these for you to give away on your website for being so supportive about my artwork.”

Laura was stunned. This was after Alex had been at the convention for two days, had done long photo ops, private meet and greets, and Q & A’s, AND in like 10 minutes he was doing another signing for at least 100 people before he had to run to his flight. She stammered out “Thank you so much!”, amazed that Alex would do one of those for us unsolicited let alone three of them.

So, we are giving away one of Alex’s special embellished autographed photos and we’ll give away the other two down the road.

So in the comments tell us what you think of Alex’s doodles and we’ll pick a random winner on Friday at 11:59pm est. The winner gets the headshot of his or her choice as seen in the above photo.

TY to Aryana for reminding us that we forgot to post this giveaway this morning!


  1. Alex’s doodles are fun and vibrant. The t-shirt idea is very cool.

  2. Missa2005 says:

    Love Alex. He’s a really talented artist in just about all senses of that word!

  3. Tiffany D. says:

    Alex is…..amazing! Not just him as an actor, dancer or artist but as a man. He is so talented in everything he does. It’s amazing that he can ‘doodle’ and make people go “wow”. I’m beyond excited to meet him in a couple weeks… Alex is just an all around great guy.

  4. Tiana Louis says:

    I love his artwork, it’s amazing! and i’d love to get one of those shirts…i also like his website, it’s pretty cool.

  5. Amazing and he is a very talented artist

  6. Wolf Gurl says:

    An open heart, immense talent and very easy on the eyes. Thank you Alex…!

  7. Wow. So amazing. I was lucky enough to meet him in Toronto and wish him all the best

  8. Megan Mc Dade says:

    I think Alex is so talented his art is amazing. He is not only an amazing actor and dancer he is a really talented artist. I love how he was jus doodling the pics and made amazing designs. I agree they could b put on t shirts I would buy one ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. He is very artistic and does a great job. He is definitely one of my favorite in the wolfpack.

  10. I’m not sure it’s fair that one person gets to have ALL the talent. ๐Ÿ˜‰ j/k
    He is amazing and so is his artwork. Can’t wait to meet him in a few weeks.

  11. Elizabeth C says:

    Lots of people like to do doodles but as far as doodles go I have to say his doodles are doodly doodle fan-doodletastic. As for how many times I can fit the word ‘doodle’ into a sentence, I think I doodled that pretty well.

  12. I like his use of line and curve, the way he plans out the drawing and then incorporates it into the design. the angel wings are pretty cute too.

  13. Alex is an amazing artist and I love his work!

  14. He’s a great artist and a super nice guy. We met him in IN and was soooo nice, as well as the rest of him.

  15. Alex is so talented!

  16. Wow!!! those are amazing, its so cool that he would take the time do do that for fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I think his art is really good. Love ” Alex in wonderland” table drawing. It is really sweet that he did the pictures for you guys!

  18. I love his work and I think he’s a very talented person. Nothing would make me happier to to own one of his artwork pieces. Like the one seen on the photograph above. Great work Alex keep it up!!

  19. Wow!! His work is amazing!! And what a great guy to have done this on his own. Wish my doodles where that good. What a totally talented and amazing guy.

  20. Jennifer M. says:

    Amazing….yup that pretty much says it;)

  21. He’s a very talented artist and such a funny guy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. pinkpunk83 says:

    He’s soooo good in drawing as he’s a super nice guy!
    Then extremely good.

  23. awesome artwork, he is so talented!

  24. Certainly appreciate Alex’s work! It brings back memories of my high school days (ouch – long time ago!!!) I would sit in class and doodle during the teachers lectures. That was the only way I could pay attention – if I didn’t doodle my mind would be out in rightfield daydreaming. Hmmmmm maybe that wouldn’t have been a bad thing, if only I could have daydreamt a story as awesome as the Twi Saga! Alex has some great art work, and I appreciate his awesomeness by remembering his fans!

  25. Wow, his artwork truly is amazing. I wish I had skills like that!

  26. I think Alex really personafies what people hope their favorite actors are like in real life. What a great artist and obviously, great man! Beautiful work!

  27. A brain that is not used to full capacity. Art is what seperates us from the rest of animals. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I can’t believe that those would be classified as “doodles”. They’re amazing!! I checked out more of his artwork since I’d only seen a few and was amazed by his talent. Even if he wasn’t one of my favorite actors I would want his art work. And I hope he will keep creating and sharing his beautiful pieces.

  29. I think they’re fab and I think he’s a really talented guy. It was so kind of him to give them to you guys! You’re so lucky.

  30. I’m so glad Alex is getting some recognition for his other artistic ventures! He’s an amazing dancer and a very compelling artist.

    I’d be beyond thrilled to add Alex’s artwork to my Twilight gallery.


  31. After meeting Alex in Toronto at the convention, I have to say he moved up to #1 in my eyes. His artwork is amazing, it’s like his own style. Beautiful yet inspiring, sometimes haunting.

  32. Not only is he an amazing artist, but a amazing giving person. I was at the convention, and he auctioned off 3 to raise money for charity. His artwork is astounding. You can see he paints with his heart and soul.

  33. Alex is a one of a kind multi talented artist! Who is also very sweet and thoughtful to his fans!!

  34. His art is amazing and the fact that he did this for his fans is great! Such a sweetheart. Not only is he a talented actor but also a very talented artist. I can’t wait to see more of his work.

  35. Ales is a one of a kind multi talented artist, who is very sweet and thoughtful to his fans!!

  36. He is very talented! I would love to see his artwork up close to get the full effect.

  37. I really enjoy looking at Alex’s artwork. the lines are very intricately drawn. He appears to have a real talent for making it all pop up and weave it’s own magic around the beholder. I’d like to add thanks to Alex for being so kind and thoughtful as to producing these especially for the lexicon.

  38. What a sweetie! I love his artwork and would really love to have one of these. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. His artwork is incredible, and the fact that he did this shows what a nice person he is as well.

  40. I really love his designs he should design some of the twilight T’s !!!!! I would buy them

  41. sarah linfesty says:

    He is such a sweet actor and a talented artist! It would be the best gift to have one of his art pieces on my wall or on a shirt or in a gallery:)

  42. He is amazing and such a talented artist. He has been my favorite wolf member since they showed the first picture of the cast. I would love one of his drawn pictures and can only pray I am lucky enough to get one because to have an original piece of work that stunningly beautiful would make my heart smile forever

  43. Simply put “He is so talented”

  44. Angelique says:

    I LOVE his work, he’s great!!! I would by his artwork in any shape or form if I could. Desperatly hope I win! :]

  45. Alex in an amazing in artist in different mediums of art. He is an amazing actor who cares about his fans and takes time to be with them. I saw him at Twi-Con Boston and he was fabulous. He is a very down to earth genuine guy who also happens to be an amazing artist in his forms. And a special thanks to Alex for taking the time to “doodle” on the head shots and have them given away.

  46. I think his artwork is really good! I would need to have lots of practice to be able to do something like that!

  47. I think he is amazing artist and what he does for fans is amazing as well. He loves his fan s as we do hope he make his own shirts or outline in clothing he has his own take on art which dramatic they will be good to others that loves his work.

  48. Alex is an amazing person. It seems unreal that one person can be so phenomenally talented in so many areas. His artwork is truly breathtaking. I am still blown away that anyone can create things like that because I definitely have no artistic skills whatsoever! I would love to be able to display one of these pictures and have a constant reminder of how quickly something ordinary can be turned into something extraordinary ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Alex’s artwork is awesome and he’s such a nice guy to meet in person!


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